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Biocontainment System Two bCON™ Racks . . . Four bCON™ Cages . . . Maximum Species Flexibility In the research community, requirements of the modern Biocontainment facility constantly evolve in response to new knowledge and opportunity. For decades, the most widely accepted animal caging used in ABSL-3 facilities has been the simple, static (non-ventilated) Micro-Isolator™—and for good reason . . . until we introduced the bCON™ Biocontainment System. Combining strict engineering controls, flexibility and superior performance with ease of use, bCON™ provides a simple and reliable ABSL-3 animal housing solution that dramatically improves upon static caging performance. Multi-species™ high-density housing for all your rodents with only two racks, the bCON™ Super Mouse 1800™ and bCON™ One Cage 2100™ housing systems. For mice, select the Super Mouse 1800™ and mix and match Super Mouse 750™ Micro-Isolator™ cages in any combination you choose. For maximum flexibility, you can house mice, rats, hamsters or guinea pigs with interchangeable One Cage 2100™ and One Cage™ Micro-Isolator™ cages on one rack, featuring modular snap-on feeders. • Negative cages in controlled environment cabinet for housing mice in ABSL-3 • Dual-Layer Protection: mechanical & air curtain barriers between cages & room • Containment & Micro-Isolation: cage to cage, cage to room & room to cage • Airlock™ Cage Exhaust with negative pressure—cages do not become positive • Cage filter top Locking Security with quick & quiet operation • Cage Docking Security with automatic visual indicator • Micro-Shield™ Cage Filter prolongs HEPA Filter • During airflow disruption cages revert to static mode—Animals can breathe • Minimal components for ease of use & excellent cage visibility • Decontaminate entire system: Chlorine Dioxide Gas or Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide • Maximum Species Flexibility with a choice of two racks and four cages • bCON™ Super Mouse 1800™ Interchangeable Micro-Isolator™ Housing System Super Mouse 750™ bCON™ Micro-Isolator™ (Floor Area >75 in2 / >483 cm2) Super Mouse 1800™ bCON™ Micro-Isolator™ (Floor Area >180 in2 / >1161 cm2) • bCON™ One Cage 2100™ Interchangeable Micro-Isolator™ Housing System One Cage 2100™ bCON™ Micro-Isolator™ (Floor Area >210 in2 / >1354 cm2) One Cage™ bCON™ Micro-Isolator™ (Floor Area >80 in2 / >516 cm2) Lab Products, Inc. • 742 Sussex Avenue, P.O. Box 639, Seaford, DE 19973 800.526.0469 • 302.628.4300 • Fax 302.628.4309 • labproductsinc.com © Bio Medic Corporation 2008. bCON, Micro-Isolator, Airlock, Micro-Shield, Super Mouse 1800

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Biocontainment System Effective Dual-Layer Protection for Your People and Your Animals Specifically engineered for maximum species flexibility in ABSL-3 facilities, the bCON™ Biocontainment System design places a negative cage within a controlled environment cabinet system providing dual-layer protection—at the cage and cabinet level. Engineering controls create a 3-zone containment system, the bCON™ negative Micro-Isolator™ Cage (primary), the controlled environment of the cabinet (secondary) and the animal holding room (tertiary). Cage-Level Containment & Cage-to-Cage Airflow Balance The...

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