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Enviro-Card™ Cage Monitor Control The latest advancement in ventilated cage technology. The Enviro-Card™ Cage Monitor Control allows you to maintain and certify precisely what's going on inside your AllerZone™ Micro-Isolator™ cages. Now you can electronically monitor, record and transfer key micro-environmental data while controlling the flow of HEPA filtered air simultaneously. Airflow measurements are based upon actual volumetric air-flow - the most accurate airflow measurement technology in the industry! The control mode permits complete operation and setting of the Enviro-Gard™ A Air Supply, from any cage location. The monitor mode allows you to continuously monitor and record cage air exchange rates, temperature, relative humidity and ambient light levels. Data can be stored on board the cage unit, download directly to your PC, or monitored in real-time and obtained remotely via internet or network connection. Now, you can certify your own racks! • Functions as a 24 hour Monitor instrument • Actual volumetric airflow measurements • LED digital display of cage air changes p • LCD digital display (Temperature, Light & Humidity) • Touch sensitive membrane control panel • Remote Monitoring and reporting • Automatic data logging/printable reports • Supports email and pager warnings • Displays English or Metric increments • Power connections to Enviro-Gard™ A • Rechargeable battery pack (optional) • UL, CSA and CE certification • Functions as a control and certification instrument ‘Available for Super Mouse 1800™, Super Mouse 750™, One Cage 2100™, One Cage™ and Super Rat 1400™ Micro-Isolator™ Systems. Lab Products, Inc. • 742 Sussex Avenue, P.O. Box 639, Seaford, DE 19973 800.526.0469 • 302.628.4300 • Fax 302.628.4309 • © Bio Medic Corporation 2008. Enviro-Gard, AllerZone, Micro-Isolator, Super Mouse 1800, Super Mouse 750, One Cage 2100, _ One Cage and Super Rat 1400 are trademarks of Lab Products, Inc. Covered by various U.S. Patents and Patents pending. Made in USA. .'

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