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Patients demand a reliable heart valve that improves quality of life. Cardiac surgeons demand reliable and consistent performance both intra and post-operatively. DOKIMOS = Trustworthy + Reliable DOKIMOS Plus Dokimos Plus Pericardial Heart Valves have been successfully implanted in numerous cardiac manufacture, Brazil, as well as other international markets. Over this period, Dokimos Plus Aortic Bioprosthesis has well-established traditional pericardial heart valves in use Dokimos Plus® allows for versatility and Dokimos Plus profile provides ample clearance from the ^2) coronary Ostia. Its...

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Reliable Design Ease of implantation with its low profile stent and ample suture cuff. Profile heigth otimizes coaptation area and reduce the potencial the prolapse and leakage. Designed for both: Supra-annular or intra-annular placement. Larger EOA comparable to other pericardial valves, providing superior hemodynamic performance. The pericardial thickness is determined for each valve diameter. Proprietary pericardium thickness, fiber, structure, elasticity evaluation and strenght, as well as leaftets desing matching to appropriate size valve, optimizing coaptation and maximizing flow....

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Labcor provides valves sizers for accurate valve selection. Handles are also provided for attachment to the valve holder. The ease of attachment-detachment for the ease click system of the Dokimos handle and Dokimos holder are optimized for ease of use and implantability. Dokimos introduces the all-in-one true-fit sizer. The lower portion of the sizer is a cylindrical conical shape for determining annuli fit. The upper portion, is an exact dimensional replica of the Dokimos Plush it reflects the sewing ring dimensions as well as the profile height of the romrnissures for optimal sizing. Its...

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Comparative Hemodynamics Hemodynamic data for Dokimos Plus obtained from 6 clinical sites, as part of a multicenter clinical study. Comparative data analysis performed by independent echocardiography laboratory. ■ Labcor Dokimos Plus Aortic Valve ■ Perimount Magna Ease with ThermaFix ■ Sorin Mitroflow Perimount Magna Ease with and without ThermaFix Mean Gradient Implant data Patients implanted valve from Jan/2009 to Nov/2011. Echo performed after 6 months. Total of Patients: 121 Mean age: 63 +/-13 years Average Mean Gradient: 11,74mmHg / Average Max Gradient: 22.06mmHg

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-BOKIMOS PLUS- AORTIC PERICARDIAL BlOPROSTHESIS With more than 15.000 implants. BEYOND RELIABLE Internal Stent External Sewing Product Specifications - Low valve profile allows ease of insertion through small incisions or in small aortic roots; - Coronary ostia clearence achieved with low cusp height. Valve Size External Sewing Ring Diameter (in millimetters) External Stent Diameter (in millimetters) Internal Stent Diameter (in millimetters) Profile Height * Heart valve function test - Vivitro System - Aaslid Formula - CO - 4 L/min, * Picture and drawings not to scale. Dimensions taken from...

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