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STENTED PORCINE HEART VALVE The TIPB Stented Porcine Valve from Labcor Laboratories is a porcine valve that preserves the natural crimp in a tri-composite, low profile design. A zero pressure process combined with experienced engeneering and manufacturing {since 1984) makes the TLPB valve an ideal replacement for the patient's native valve (over Porcine Pericardial Bias Provides tissue-to-tissue interface with leaflets; Minimizes the possibility of abrasion when the leaflets are in open position. TRUE TRI-COMPOSITE CONSTRUCTION Excellent hemodynamic result from larger blood flow area and...

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Profile Height Comparison TLPB Labcor Carpeniie* Carpenter Perimognl tomuoi Pe<lmouH Migna Edwaidi Theon Labcor TLPB-A Supra valve is the TLPB-A Aortic valve model with the sewing ring positioned at the inflow level of the valve stent The supra-annular allows an increase of at least one size over the intra-annular valve implant for improved performance. 21 mm Labcor TLPB-A Supra 21 mm Labcor TLPB-A

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Sutuie ring diameter Valve Size External Diameter Internal Diameter - Internal Diameter- Suture Ring Diamenter ^ Internal Diameter loyv-\ Diane;?' External Diameter Internal Diameter "Heart Valve runction Test • Vivitio System - Aaslid Formula • CO - 4 b'mm "Heart Vate Function lest - Vivitro System - Aaslid Formula - CO - 4 L/min. Aortic models available Mitral models available external diameters. Labcor Laboratories provides valve sizers for accurate valve selection. Handles are also TLPB 19A Supra Aortic TLPB 21A Supra Aortic TLPB 23A Supra Aortic TLPB 25A Supra Aortic TLPB 27A Supra...

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