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Vasti - 2

introducing a new generation of Labcor pediatric cardiac products treated with the first non-aldehyde tissue process.

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Vasti - 3

Pulmonary Vatved Conduit A bovine pericardial conduit with a pulmonary porcine valve inserted at mid-segment of the conduit, with distal and proximal portions of graft fully opened. Blood flow direction is clearly indicated by external suture marks at mid-section, where pulmonary valve is located. These features make Velum^ the best solution for congenital diseases, palliative or definitive procedures. Available Sizes ('Available thru special order) Velum'® is indicated for correction or reconstruction of the Right Venrtri cu lar Outflow Tract (RVOT) in patients less than Velum can be used...

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Vasti - 4

Cardiovascular Valved Vein Graft Organic valved graft constructed from a bovine jugular vein. Presents itself integral, and only the collateral veins are ligated. Functions as cardiovascular graft substitute. Available Sizes ("Available thru special order.) Vasti i& i ndicarted for extracardiac Fonrtan-type surgeries. Arterial Cardiovascular Graft Made from a biological bovine mesenteric artery, this cardiovascular arterial graft is provided in diameter Available Sizes Babygraft it indicated for Blalock-Tau^ig

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Vasti - 5

Bovine Pericardiaf Patch the natural structural and mechanical characteristics of the pericardial patch. assuring enhanced durability. Prime selected bovine pericardium patch treated with L-Hydro. This non-aldehyde treated tissue provides a natural feel, flexibility and ease of suturabilrty. L-Hydro calcrfic properties as well as preserving Available Sizes Vivendi^ it indicated for cardiac repair and reconstructions, soft tissue repair, and general surgical procedures.

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Vasti - 6

Av. Silva Lobor 16707 BIOCOE 1 e2; Nova Granada BeJo Horizomte, MG - Brasil - CEP 30.431-262 cont ato@l abcor. com. br

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