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pmsmti_REFRIGERATED MICRSBiNTRIFUil Lab net International, Inc. Includes easy access rotor (24 x 1.5ml) up to 17,135 xg Exceptionally quiet and compact Optional StripSpin™ adapter for 0.2ml tubes and strips

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Prism Brochure - 2

Features: - New “Quick-COOL" function cools down the rotor to 4"C in 8 min. - Powerful motor dn've. run samples as high as 17,135 xg - Solid aluminum rotor (24x1,5/2.0ml) with easy access design - User-friendly control with large LCD display - Imbalance identification system with automatic shut-off - Quiet operation. Jess than 56 dBA at max. speed - Powerful refrigeration, temperature control from -10 to 4(TC - Maintains 4X at maximum speed (13.5QQrpm/17,135 xg) - Set and view speed in both rpm or ref - Quick Spin button, ideal for momentary operation - Brushless motor for maintenance free...

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