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Fortuna - English version

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INCREASE YOUR LAB EFFICIENCY Fortuna Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Air Cabinets

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We have the cabin et for you for w hatever k ind of protectio n you req uire! The Fortuna range of cabinets offers the ultimate in product protection, operator comfort and with optional fittings to provide the cabinet best suited for your laboratory and its procedures FORTUNA The Fortuna is a series of vertical sterile laminar airflow cabinets which incorporate the latest laminator technology and energy-saving designs with HEPA-filtration and a range of options that gives optimal protection of your product, samples or equipment. The Fortuna range of cabinets, the ideal choice for your...

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Ou com r distr ib plet e su utors o and p f con port, s fer For mor e sult e in atio rvice form dist ribu atio n tor v WORLDWIDE With more than forty years of experience in the design, manufacture and service of lab equipment, LaboGene strives to make a positive contribution to the scientific community all over the world. We provide equipment of innovative design, superb construction and unsurpassed reliability, while employing energy saving and environmentally friendly components. In cooperation with our local distributors, we have a worldwide dealer and distribution network that makes it...

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Optimal operator comfort • ngled front window that gives a correct ergonomic A working position both when seated or standing. • lare-free lighting gives a comfortable stress-free G working environment. FEATURES & BENEFITS All service functions are performed from the front of the cabinet High fixed work opening of either 350 mm or 550 mm • iffused laminator allows shadow-free, variable light D distribution within the chamber. • he integrated control panel with LCD display is T conveniently positioned for easy viewing and operation. Incorporates easy programming with functions for reduced...

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APPLICATIONS The Fortuna cabinet’s versatility of design and construction allows for adaptability and use in many applications and procedures, whilst ensuring total product protection. Other applications for the Fortuna include many microbiology applications, plant tissue culture, servicing of microelectronics and sensitive instruments. These include: • Location of fermenters, robotic applications etc., as the table top can be lowered and thereby the depth of the cabinet can be increased. If you are in any doubt with regards to the Fortuna cabinets use for your specific application, then...

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Ne cu For stomi ed a s mo re in ed solu ww forma tion? ti b og ene on visi .com t: Meeting your SPECIFIC NEEDS FORTUNA RANGE OF OPTIONS We offer a range of options to tailor the Fortuna to your specific requirements! • USB ports for PC connection, data logging of air flow speeds, alarms, settings etc. • A wide range of support stands can be supplied including an electrical operated elevation stand with an overall depth of less than 800 mm. The cabinet is compactly constructed and can be easily located in the laboratory and moved without disassembly. • Eco-Save auto-start/auto-stop...

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LaboGene are experts in the fields of clean air & laminar flow, vacuum & cooling. We provide both standard and perfectly customised solutions. Designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing in laboratory and industrial equipment is our speciality. Leading supplier in: Microbiological safety cabinets Freeze dryers Freezers Learn more at LaboGene ApS Industrivej 6-8 DK-3540 Lynge Tel (+45) 3940 2566 Fax (+45) 3995 2566 Email Web LABOGENE (word) and ”LaboGene” (word/device) are registered trademarks belonging to the company Labogene ApS....

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