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Laboratory acoustics and biological safety cabinets - 12 Pages

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Laboratory acoustics and biological safety cabinets

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Laboratory acoustics and biological safety cabinets The LaboGene Introduction

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»» Introduction ÝÝ LaboGene invests heavily in innovation of our products. We have already today achieved among the best when it comes to acoustical performance of our biological safety cabinets (BSC), but we do not rest here. Our aim is always to give you the best possible solution and experience with our products. ÝÝ All LaboGene BSCs are designed and tested in accordance with the EN 12469 (09.2000) standard. ÝÝ The standard gives guidance on how to establish the sound pressure level at a specific position in front of the cabinet. ÝÝ The measurement methods are based on a number of...

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»» Sound ÝÝ Sound propagates as waves through the air in the same fashion as when you throw a stone in the water ÝÝ The further away from the source it is, the weaker the sound pressure will be ÝÝ The human ear can detect sound in the range from 20-20000 Hz ÝÝ Sound pressure is measured in dB(A) using a filter representing the human ears’ sensitivity (A-

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»» The ideal world – free field test condition ÝÝ No environmental influence ÝÝ Well defined reference plane (floor, ground) ÝÝ Free space in all directions – sound will propagate without being affected by obstacles Position 1 (P1) Reference plane ÝÝ Can only be realized in special semi-anechoic chambers or under very controlled outdoor conditions in a free field test site ÝÝ Required in the ISO/EN12469 and ISO/EN11201 standards LABOGENE APS | INDUSTRIVEJ 6-8 | DK-3540 LYNGE | WEB WWW

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»» Workspace environment condition ÝÝ Sound waves will be reflected by the room surfaces adding to the sound pressure level in any particular position Width (m) Operator Opening - Source 1 (S1) ÝÝ An large number of factors have influence on the sound pressure level - room size, fittings, furniture, surface materials and treatments mean absorption coefficient α ÝÝ Background noise from other equipment and ventilation systems can also add to the sound pressure

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»» Understanding the data sheet IGHTS ree troublef abling sign en on act De ocati • Comp ion and rel installat table top ed ap • V-sh d front bution • Slope nt light distri indow lle • Exce aning ding W ical Sli ow cle • Electr th side wind Easy bo visit • please mation re infor For mo www.lab lian Comp tings tory set el at fac re Lev mode -Save el in Eco re Lev ) andard nd (St able Sta adjust s with ension ) al dim andard Extern nd (St H) able Sta (DxWx nd h adjust ion Sta ght wit Elevat top hei Table h Elec. olour erial/c all mat backw velocity flow, Air Down ocity , Air vel...

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»» The acoustical behaviour of LaboGene BSC cabinets ÝÝ A LaboGene BSC can be regarded as two independent sound sources – one pointing upwards and one pointing forward ÝÝ Both are virtually ”white noise” sources in the range from 2002500 Hz Operator Opening - Sour

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»» Applying the LaboGene acoustical BSC model ÝÝ With the LaboGene BSC model you can predict the sound pressure level in 3 positions 1. The reference position 2. The head position of the operator 3. A position representing any given position in the room more than 4 meters from the BSC 0,10m Ceiling Height H (m) Position 2 (P2) Position 1 (P1) Position 3 d >> dcritical (P3) Reference plane ÝÝ All you need is a tape measure and basic knowledge about the room surfaces LABOGENE APS | INDUSTRIVEJ 6-8 | DK-3540 LYNGE | WEB WWW.LABOGENE.

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»» Example LaboGene Mars 1200 BSC in a medium sized workspace with moderate damping P1 free field simulation - EN12469/11201 Room Absorption coefficient Room dimensions (LxWxH) Sound pressure level in position 1 LP(P1) Sound pressure level in position 2 LP(P2) Sound pressure level in position 3 LP(P3)

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»» Want to learn more? Downloads Technical note: Acoustical Model - LaboGene Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC): Available summer 2016 at Online Prediction of the sound pressure level in your specific lab environment: Available summer 2016 at LABOGENE APS | INDUSTRIVEJ 6-8 | DK-3540 LYNGE | WEB WWW.LABOGENE.COM

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MAIL INFO@LABOGENE.COM WEB WWW.LABOGENE.COM CVR 3225 9154 LABOGENE (word) and ”LaboGene” (word/device) are registered trademarks belonging to the company Labogene ApS. Illustrations and photos may contain options and modifications not supplied as standard. Version 26 April 2016 9:50 AM LABOGENE APS INDUSTRIVEJ 6-8 DK-3540 LYNG

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