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Product Catalogue Third Edition

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As a fast growing environmental controlled lab equipments supplier, Labwit is committed to providing innovative and optimum solutions with quality laboratory equipments to the life science and industrial divisions. We strives incessantly for excellence while catering unique needs of customers, it is this dedication to innovation that differentiate us from the competitions. Following the success of our core shaking incubators range, in this version of general catalog, Labwit is excited to introduce the “Ultimate-Cell” stackable shaking incubator, one of the most advanced shaking incubators....

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SHAKING iNCUBATORS As the major product range, Labwit shaking incubators are renowned as innovative, intuitive and reliable equipment amongst its competition. ah shaking incubators have the state-of-art microprocessor detection, setting and PiD control of both temperature and shaking speed, together with the extra co2 and humidification active controlling options on Ultimate-cell range, Labwit is now able to offer complete solutions for all lab shaking incubation needs. These units can be categorized into 4 ranges, from benchtop, horizontal, double layer to stackable models. Each model...

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SHAKING INCUBATORS Shaking Incubator Thanks to the ongoing development of both technology and functionality requirements from our industry, Labwit has been thriving to innovate and is now able to offer our latest and comprehensive solution for microbial, mammalian and plant cell incubation needs, the inspiring ZWYC-290A Ultimate-cell Stackable Shaking Incubator. The spaces in the labs are spacious and expensive, The ZWYC-290A can be stacked up to 2-3 units high to offer multiplied incubation capacity on a single unit footprint. Stacking also can be easily managed at a later time. Each...

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Catalog LABWIT - 6

Intuitive Touch Screen Panel Integrated: Comprehensive information available at fingertips. The screen panel clearly indicates all basic operational parameters, such as temperature, speed and timer; as well as the optional parameters, for example, humidity level, and co2 concentration just in one page. User friendly: Graphic user interface, easy to operate with icons and prompts, which makes it easy change the operating parameters settings, even those multi set points under programmable mode intuitively. Intelligent: Self diagnostic alarm system monitors all functions and parameters and...

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Catalog LABWIT - 7

Photosynthetic LED Lightings Ultimate-cell can be equipped with LED lighting panel for the cultivation of those phototrophic organisms, such as plant culture, algae, etc. The combinations of light spectra are optional upon request, and the light intensity is programmable to simulate day/night cycles. Single white color and dual blue & red color lighting options available. Contamination Control UV Sterilization the uv sterilization system is isolated from the samples, sterilizes chamber air in the back chamber wall to maintain contamination-free conditions within the chamber. Easy Cleaning...

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Catalog LABWIT - 9

SHAKING INCUBATORS shaking incubators Introduction of Premium Range Following the success of the economic shaking incubator range, the upgraded premium shaking incubator range are introduced to offer the excellent basic functions same as the economic range, but with a bunch of advanced upgraded features to enhance the user experience as well as the functionality of this one of the most common type of equipments in modern labs. ▶ An intuitive LCD TFT touch screen panel achieves easy operation and clear display. ▶ Sophisticated cooling system ensures long term non-frost operation at low...

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Catalog LABWIT - 10

Premium Stackable Shaking Incubators This ZWYR-D series shaking incubators can be stacked up to three units high, providing laboratory professionals tripled culture capacity, while still only occupying the same “footprint” of a single shaker. All models feature an insulated, folddown door with double-layer glass window for high visibility. On all refrigerating models, microprocessor controller provides unmatched versatility by enable users to create personalized program (with up to 9 segments, with cycling) to automate changes to function parameters. ▶ Stackable up to three units for...

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SHAKING INCUBATORS Premium Benchtop Shaking Incubators This new premium benchtop shaking incubators provided by LABWIT offer conditions of time, broad temperature and orbital or reciprocal agitation capabilities for meeting comprehensive requirement of the growth of biological organisms. This P.I.D microprocessor controlled shakers have a number of advanced features that are really unique in bench top models. This unique benchtop model with shaking diameter stepless adjustable from 1-50mm provides unmatched flexibility for meeting comprehensive application requirements. The sophisticated...

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Catalog LABWIT - 15

SHAKING INCUBATORS Premium Horizontal Shaking Incubators These new premium horizontal floor shaking incubators are developed for the modern biological engineering departments; large capacity of smaller size flasks, or for large volume flasks up to of 5L. The units are widely used in applications of germ culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemical research, enzyme and cellular tissues. ▶ 4.3’’ LCD 480x272 touch screen panel clearly indicates all parameters in one page display and makes it easy to change the operating parameters settings, even those multi set points under programmable...

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Catalog LABWIT - 16

Tube 96 Well Capacity 50ml 100ml 250ml 500ml 750ml 1000ml 2000ml 3000ml 5000ml Rack S/S Plate

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Premium Double Layer Shaking Incubators These new double layer shaking incubators in a class of their own, are specially developed a cost effective and space saving solution for the modern biological engineering departments; the units are widely used in the applications of germ culture, hybridization, biochemical research, enzyme and cellular tissues. These incubators have a smooth compact design, which are very efficient and have an excellent floor space/performance factor. The double layer shaking frame supports two trays above each other, doubles the capacity for smaller flasks, while...

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