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Description: These LABWIT double layer shaking incubators are specially developed for the modern biological engineering departments; a big capacity of flasks but with small footprint. These incubators have a smooth compact design. They are very efficient and have an excellent floor space/performance factor. Two trays above each other, double the capacity for smaller flasks, while after removing the top tray, big flasks can also be used on the bottom tray (Shaking frame upgrade required). These unit are particularly ideal for fermentation and pharmacy experiments. While they are also widely used where a big amount of liquid needed to be mixed at with constant temperature. Double Layer Shaking Frame Features: • Microprocessor controller with audible and visual alarms maintains precise temperature and speed control. • Users friendly control panel allows easy digital setting of time, temperature and speed. • Large LCD display presents all actual and preset parameters. • Electronic timer, from 0 - 500 hours, automatic stop, audio/ visual alarm. • Password protection against unauthorized change of parameters. • Audible and visual alarms for over-temperature and set point deviations. • Non-volatile memory for set point retention after a power interruption. • Large double-fold tempered glass window, together with fluorescent lights provides complete visibility of chamber interior. • "Long-Life" brushless AC motor creates a smooth, quiet and uniformed shaking motion. • Mirror-finished high quality #304 stainless steel for excellent durability of interiors. • Standard shaking frame and standard stainless steel tray included, but without clamps. • Vertical double trays for big capacity, though small footprint. • Lockable outer door (on ZWY-1112B/2112B. ZWF-1112/2112) protects the materials against unauthorized access at all times. * Applies only when single layer shaking frame is equipped.

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Double layer shaking incubators - 2

Shaking Mode Temperature Accuracy Temperature Uniformity Inner dimensions (mm) (WxDxH) Exterior dimensions (mm) (WxDxH) Packing dimensions (mm) (WxDxH) Ordering Information: Part NO. P7012 P7013 Frame for ZWY-1102C/2102C, ZWYR-2102C, Stl S/C # Frame for ZWY-1102/2102, ZWYR-2102, S/C Frame for ZWY-1112B/2112B, ZWYR-2112B, Stl S/C Tray for ZWY-1102C/2102C, ZWYR-2102C, S/S^ Tray for ZWY-1102/2102, ZWYR-2102, S/S Tray for ZWY-1112B/2112B, ZWYR-2112B, S/S Tray for ZWF-1112/2112, ZWFR-2112, S/S Universal Tray for ZWY-1102C/2102C, ZWYR-2102C Universal Tray for ZWY-1102/2102, ZWYR-2102, Ful...

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