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Economic Horizontal Shaking Incubators ZWY-211E  Descriptions: These economic horizontal floor shaking incubators are specially developed for the modern biological engineering departments; huge capacity for various sizes of flasks, up to 1L. The units are widely used in germ culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemical research, enzyme and cellular tissues. All of these tests require high temperature performance and stable oscillation frequency. LABWIT offers both cooling and non-cooling models to be used in almost all laboratories. All models have large glass viewing windows and gas spring transmission for smooth and convenient li d opening. Temperature uniformity – through a fan driven high velocity circulation system, is ±1.0° C@37° while C, set(point) accuracy is ±0.1° All models are equipped with an electronic timer up to 500 hours. Heavy duty C. counter balanced drive system provides a shaking range up to 400rpms, which can handle virtually any culturing task. Microprocessor controller with audible and visual alarms maintain precise temperature and speed. CFC-free refrigerant which causes no damage to ozone layer.(Applies on ZWY-211E) Large double-fold tempered glass window provides complete visibility of chamber interior. LCD display presents all actual and (pre)set parameters. Electronic timer, from 0 – 500 hours, automatic stop, audio/ visual alarm. Password protection against unauthorized change of parameters. Audible and visual alarms for motor temperature and set point deviations. Non-volatile memory for set point retention after power interruption. “Long-Life” brushless AC motor creates smooth, quiet and uniformed shaking motion. Mirror-finished high quality #304 stainless steel for excellent durability of interiors. Units delivered with standard stainless steel tray (without clamps). LABWIT Scientific Pty Ltd. Web: E-mail: MAR, 201

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ZWY-211E - 2

Economic Horizontal Shaking Incubators LABWIT -^ Specifications: Model Tray for ZWY-111E/211E, S/S M Universal Tray for ZWY-111E/211E, Ful Pcs Universal Tray for All Hrzntl Model, 1/2 Pcs T Clamp, S/S, for 50ml Flask, with Spring Retainer T Clamp, S/S, for 100ml Flask, with Spring Retainer T Clamp, S/S, for 150ml Flask, with Spring Retainer T Clamp, S/S, for 250ml Flask, with Spring Retainer T Clamp, S/S, for 300ml Flask, with Spring Retainer T Clamp, S/S, for 500ml Flask, with Spring Retainer T Clamp, S/S, for 750ml Flask, with Spring Retainer T Clamp, S/S, for 1000ml Flask, with Spring...

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