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Report titled Consensus to Kangaroo Mother Care Acceleration, published after the KMC summit held in Istanbul, Nov 2013 summarises the barriers for KMC uptake as follows: • KMC is incorrectly perceived as a practice for preterm in low-income countries only, as a next best alternative to incubator care. • Many health care providers (at all levels) do not know or do not believe in the benefits of KMC, and lack the skills for effective implementation. An Integrated Approach KMC implementation remains extremely poor worldwide despite its introduction more than 30 years ago. An integrated...

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“Can a purpose designed wrap act as a cultural ambassador or messenger to increase the adoption of KMC by improving the experience around the therapy?” A well designed, user focused KMC wrap may accelerate adoption by: • Increasing Visibility By being more visible as a stand-out product. It might raise curiosity and trigger conversations about KMC. • Changing Perception Custom purpose of the wrap helps reinforce the therapy message and also raises the status perception of KMC. • Creates Desirability An attractive product combined by peer use may create desirability. The improved user...

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CarePlus - Helping Babies Grow User Feedback & Implementation CarePlus is designed with a goal to help mothers in providing continuous and quality KMC to their newborns. In comparison to existing solutions and methods, the users perceived CarePlus as: CarePlus has been developed by actively engaging the end user in their surroundings. The engagement continues in the form of studies and feedbacks for CarePlus. The final iteration has been tested in focused group discussions in India, Nepal, Tanzania and Malawi. A select number of mothers have also been given the wraps to try at home post...

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Related products Laerdal strongly believes in ‘training drives therapy’. Our conviction is reinforced by the effectiveness and the outcomes of training programs like Helping Babies Breathe and Helping Mothers Survive. Laerdal Global Health continues to direct similar effor ts to help save lives of newborns under the Helping Babies Survive initiative. The new training programs ‘Essential Care for Every Baby’ and ‘Essential Care for Small Babies’ are being suppor ted by the development of PreemieNatalie and MamaBreast simulators. PreemieNatalie - Preterm Simulator PreemieNatalie is a preterm...

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