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Airway Management

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Airway Management Laerdal Airway Management Solutions helping save lives

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The BAG II Dispo p The BAG II Disposable Resuscitator TM Performance plus value is in The BAG II … the bright yellow disposable resuscitator by Laerdal. Temperature stability, versatility, space-saving configuration, and ergonomic body make The BAG II the right choice. The BAG II Resuscitator’s excellent performance and ergonomic design offer all the benefits of Laerdal’s reusable resuscitator with the convenience of a disposable, making it an important supplement to our complete airway product offering for EMS, Hospital and the Military. – Available in Adult, Child, and Infant sizes –...

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sable Resuscitator The BAG II Disposable Resuscitator Features Adult PVC Construction: • Superior feel of lung compliance • Transparent construction • Ergonomic design 35cm H2O Pop Off: • Infant/Child models only Child Infant Reinforced Non-Kink O2 Tubing: • Prevents flow obstruction Closed System Oxygen Reservoir: • Allows 99-100% O2 administration Mask Features: • Soft cushion with clear housing to view patient’s skin color 360O Swivel Disposable: • Single use, helps reduce risk of cross contamination • No loss of reusable inventory Temperature Range: • Performs well in both high and low...

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Laerdal Sili Laerdal Silicone Resuscitator ® The latest from the leader in reusable resuscitators for over 40 years, the Laerdal Silicone Resuscitator (LSR) has exceptional bag re-expansion and superior feel for lung compliance.The improved design enhances its convenience and maintains the outstanding quality and economy that healthcare professionals rely on. All the excellence and integrity of the original! Preferred by healthcare providers for excellent performance, economy, and reliability. Laerdal Silicone Resuscitators have proven to be the perennial gold standard by which other...

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cone Resuscitator e Privat ailable! Av ils ing r Deta Label Laerdal Silicone Resuscitator Features Private Label Features: • Personalized labeling on neck coupling helps prevent loss or theft Silicone Bag Design Features: • Quick re-expansion even in extreme temperatures • Transparent silicone and polysulfone parts helps to identify visual contaminants Preterm Patient Valve Features: • 35 cm H20 Pressure Patient Valve is standard on all Paediatric and Preterm models • Integrated Intake/Reservoir Valve allows for use of ambient air in case of oxygen depletion Mask Features: • Transparent to...

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Laerdal Pocket Mask ® The 3M Filtrete hydrophobic filter and low-resistance one-way valve combination acts to protect the rescuer from patient secretions without compromising lifesaving ventilations to the patient. Others may look like the Laerdal Pocket Mask, but there’s only one original! The Laerdal Pocket Mask offers superior protection and durability and is specifically designed to be used by the professional rescuer and first responder. – Latex-free and powder-free versions of nitrile gloves and antimicrobial wipes* help maximize user protection – Utilize in CPR instruction courses to...

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erdal Pocket Mask Laerdal Pocket Mask Features Case Features: • Hard or Soft case packaging options • Private labeling for your organization available • Military green and camouflage Filters air going from the rescuer to the victim. One-way valve closes, diverting filtered air away from the rescuer. e Privat ailable! g Av abelin Details Call for Both the One-Way Valve and the Disposable Filter can be used with all previous versions of Laerdal Pocket Mask devices. One-Way Valve Features: • Oxygen inlet version facilitates delivery of supplemental oxygen to breathing and non-breathing patients...

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Pocket Mask Laerdal Paediatric Pocket Mask ediatric k ® Paediatric Pocket Mask Features Designed specifically for infants and children, the Laerdal Paediatric Pocket Mask has the same one-way valve as our adult Pocket Mask! One-Way Valve Features: • Oxygen inlet version facilitates delivery of supplemental oxygen to breathing and non-breathing patients • Intelligently engineered one-way valve helps protect patient and rescuer • Flanged cuff allows for ease of application and makes effective seal Benefit Features: • Utilize in CPR instruction courses to teach mouth-to-barrier rescue breathing...

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Face Shield Laerdal Face Shield ® e Privat ailable! v gA abelin Details Laerdal Face Shield Features This single-use CPR barrier is ideal for carrying every day, for inclusion with CPR training courses, and in first aid kits. Laerdal Face Shield Key Ring Features ® Filter Features: • 3M Filtrete hydrophobic filter helps reduce risk of blood or saliva contact between rescuer and patient • Bi-directional filter Design Features: • Oversized shield design allows for an unrestricted patient exhalation route without compromising seal quality or effective ventilation achievement Design Features: •...

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Thomas Tube Holder TM All Laerdal Thomas Tube Holders share features that set them apart from other airway tube holders. For instance, the Laerdal Thomas Tube Holder is the only tube holder on the market that has a quick-set screw for a secure hold after tube placement.Tape is not necessary. Laerdal Thomas Tube Holder is a unique (and better) tube holder over others on the market, no matter what size or color you choose. – Eliminates the need for cumbersome taping or other fixatives – Slide stick facilitates fast, efficient application of the head strap around the patient’s neck without...

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Thomas Tube Holder Features HeadBed II Features: • Patented dual-adhesive strap* • Compact and lightweight • Quick and easy application • Water resistent Military Wide Padded Velcro® Head Strap Features: • Provides secure and comfortable fit, even when wet • Color-coded for easy identification between adult and pediatric • Will not stretch Adult Suctioning Features: • Larger access opening to allow for ease of suctioning and visual inspection of mouth Slide Stick Features: • Facilitates fast, efficient application of the head strap around the patient’s neck without movement of the head...

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