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Helping improve patient care

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Helping improve patient care Laerdal helping save lives

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Looking for the best training solutions Modern healthcare is a highly complex process, with numerous dynamics and pressures that challenge the delivery of continuous and consistent quality patient care. Nurses are first in line on the patient care pathway, and at all levels, are increasingly expected to make fast, accurate assessments and clinical decisions integral to the whole patient experience. The quality of nurse education is pivotal to the quality of patient care given and to this end, Laerdal Medical is proud to present a comprehensive selection of skills trainers, manikins, patient...

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Building Competences Realistic and practical training is the keystone to building competences in nurse education. A growing international culture and awareness of ‘Patient Safety’ that considers it compromising for newly qualified healthcare personnel and students to manage clinical events for the first time on a patient, has influenced the growth of simulation as a means to bridge the gap between theory, practice and experience. Both educators and students are embracing simulation as a means of effective preparation for patient care. In a controlled simulated environment, learners can make...

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Training solutions for nurse curricula Helping improve patient care

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Teaching the essential nursing skills Using skills trainers, such as IV trainers and blood pressure arms give students the opportunity to repeatedly practise core nursing skills. Skills repetition in practice sessions give students multiple opportunities to correct errors, perfect performance and ensure that the given task can be demonstrated to a consistently high standard in preparation for the real encounter. Convalescent Kelly Convalescent Kelly Includes: Adult Full-Body Male Manikin, Upper and Lower Dentures, 3 Reusable Mouthpieces, 100 Disposable Airways, Hospital Gown, Assembly Tool...

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Patient care scenario training for the adult, child and infant “Progressively challenging scenarios throughout the three year course provide a good link between knowledge and practice.” Student Nurse Birmingham City University Helping improve patient car

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From Nursing Anne to Nursing Baby, our patient care range offers the Nurse Educator a versatile training solution to deliver multiple learning objectives compatible to curricula requirements, while introducing students to early simulation training techniques for the practice of safer patient care. Newly acquired skills can be placed in a ‘real-life’ context to prepare students for clinical placement and more advanced simulation exercises as they progress through their training. V 325-05050 Nursing Anne (VitalSim Capable) 325-20050 Nursing Anne (Non VitalSim Capable) Nursing Anne is a...

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MiniAnne Cost effective CPR training solutions This innovative self-directed learning programme is ideal for nurses to learn and practise the core skills of CPR in 30 minutes. The MiniAnne kit instructs the user in a ‘practise-while-watching' format with the aid of a 30 minute instructional DVD, and a personal, inflatable manikin with an integrated adult/child compression clicker: CPR certification with Resusci Anne Skills Station Helping to maintain CPR competence among large numbers of healthcare personnel, the Resusci Anne Skills station is another self directed learning solution...

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Preparing for Critical Care In addition to inclusive VitalSim courseware for use with both ALS Simulator Standard and ALS Simulator Advanced, preprogrammed nursing scenarios are also available to expand the scope of your training using this simulator. Examples of Nursing Courseware include: • Angina • Acute severe asthma • Diabetic - Hypoglycemia ALS Simulator Advanced VS 205-05050 ALS Simulator 200-100xx VitalSim Control Unit ALS Simulator Includes: Adult Full-body Simulator, Interchangeable Pupil Set, (6) Neck Skin Collars, (1) Roll Cricothyroid Membrane Tape, Set of Replacement...

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For Intermediate Life Support Resusci Anne Simulator The Resusci Anne Simulator brings to the student a life-like simulation experience to develop the skills necessary to respond in the first stages of sudden collapse after cardiac arrest and other critical emergencies. Accompanying courseware with 20 pre-defined learning scenarios reinforces medical knowledge, facilitates problem solving and decision making for optimal learning and skills retention. 150-000xx Resusci Anne Simulator Resusci Anne Simulator Includes: Airway Head, BP Arm with Cuff, IV Arm, Extrication Legs, Remote Control,...

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Laerdal Services: A complete solution Educational Services Technical Services A selection of courses is available to help you get the most out of our training equipment. They have been designed so that you can effectively operate our products to their fullest potential to meet your learning objectives. Our courses are tiered for basic to advanced users. Laerdal takes great pride in our customer service before and after the sale. We recognize that it is essential for our products to consistently operate to peak performance, so that you can confidently achieve your educational goals and...

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Optional accessories to our manikins Helping improve patient care

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Nursing Anne Nursing Kelly Fundus Skills and Assessment Module 325-00450 Wound Care Assessment Set 325-00550 Nursing Anne Breast Exam Module 325-00750 Wound Care Assessment Set 325-00150 Nursing Kelly VitalSim Vital Signs Simulator As well as replicating vital signs, VitalSim also allows instructors to run both pre-programmed scenarios and customised scenarios to meet specific learning objectives. Data logging and download functions provide valuable information for use in performance assessment and debriefing - an essential part of the simulation exercise. For more information about...

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“Simulation is a technique not a technology - to replace or amplify real experiences with guided experiences that evoke or replicate substantial aspects of the real world in a fully interactive manner.” Professor David M. Gaba, Stanford University Helping improve patient car

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