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SimPad brochure 2013

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Making simulation easier SimPad System

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“SimPad is so intuitive and easy to learn, it has minimised the amount of technology training I’ve had to do to get my staff up and running simulations without the need for an educator or technician to help run the simulation.” Lisa Nowicki Nurse Educator, Hartford Hospital Making s imulatio n e as ie r - SimP ad

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Intuitive…. Effective …Portable……… Easy! Why simulation? While simulation is seen as a valuable educational tool, there are many challenges to integrate simulation into curricula and continuous professional development- time, cost, resources, etc. There is a great need to make simulation easier in order to help speed up the adoption of simulation, and increase the efficiency and efficacy of learning. How can SimPad make a difference? SimPad allows instructors, new or experienced, to deliver highly effective simulation based training. With its intuitive touchscreen interface, easy to operate...

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Simulation at your fingertips! SimPad is a tool that when attached to a Laerdal manikin or used with a standardised patient and patient monitor, can replicate and adjust the physiological parameters of a patient in multiple scenarios by a simple touch on the SimPad screen. Run SimPad in Manual Mode and you can deviate the scenario instantly and capture those unique learning moments as they occur. Manual Mode In Automatic Mode you can run standardised scenarios for consistent delivery of learning objectives and assessment, as well as reduce your workload in running the scenario. When running...

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Mobile simulation Learning becomes more profound if simulation takes place in real environments. Whether its in the back of an Ambulance, through the doors into A&E or in the lift to the patient wards, SimPad's portability means that learning can take place where ever it needs to. The SimPad System provides 0| Minimal simulation setup time E| Scenarios and Themes reduce instructor workload El Easy manipulation of patient vital signs and other phsiological parameters E| Intuitive touch screen for easy'pick up and play' El Mobile - teach anywhere El Optimal data capture for quality debriefing...

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More affordable… More accessible SimStore is an online library of validated scenarios from leading healthcare institutions that are easily accessible to download for use on the appropriate Laerdal Simulator. Scenario Design is now a simple process with SimPad’s supporting software solutions: Theme Editor and SimDesigner. SimStore is just one part of the wider Laerdal innovation, SimCenter, which also includes, Integrated with SimCenter, SimPad will improve your ability to deliver valid, high quality simulation training.: Theme Editor for use in Manual Mode will enable you to create patient...

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Laerdal Services Supporting you all the way Laerdal Services offers comprehensive Educational Services to support your curriculum, and Technical Services to meet your simulator servicing needs. Contact your Laerdal representative for details. E-Learning Course Integrating SimPad - A one day on-site course. Imagine maximizing every teaching experience. The SimPad eLearning course provides you with the tools to deliver highly effective simulation-based education. It is designed to provide you with support through all functions of SimPad -- from the basics, to more advanced simulation...

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Specifications BLOOD PRESSURE • Auscultated and palpated blood pressure simulation • Korotkoff sounds synchronized with programmable ECG • Korotkoff sounds volume control in 10 steps, 0-9 • Systolic and diastolic pressure may be set individually in steps of 2 mmHg • Systolic 0-300 mmHg, Diastolic 0-200 mmHg • Auscultative gap, with on/off feature • Pressure accuracy +/- 4 mmHg • Calibrate function to adjust pressure sensor and cuff gauge PULSES • Controls carotid, brachial, radial, and umbilical pulses (available pulses vary depending on manikin) • Pulses only active when palpated • Pulses...

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