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Avian Social • Multi-Station System with data from individuals of the flock • No handling of free flying individuals • Automated fine monitoring of individual weights to +/- 1 g (max. 2kgs) • Multi-display pecking key, 16 shapes, 8 colors • R.F.I.D. antenna under perch • Programmable operant schedules and ratios • Perch height and distance adjustable

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AVIAN SOCIAL FORAGING AND COGNITION Campden’s ASFC is a novel system of programmable operant feeding stations that allows manipulation of food availability and collection of individual automated fine monitoring of weight and cognitive data from RFIDtagged birds housed in ecologically valid conditions. The system was displayed at the UWAF meeting, Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Visit the UFAW website for more information. Multi-Display Pecking Key The system takes advantage of the Multi-Display Pecking Key. This pecking key can be used for pigeons, primates, or rodents. The response key is...

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This regulation of intake may be affected by many environmental factors as well as by the mean and variance of the food supply on which they are foraging. The grainfeeder is solenoid operated and can be used with different seed and crumb rewards. A stimulus light indicates when the feeder is in the up position. Campden's ASFC system allows continuous study of foraging and weight regulation in free-flying birds. It can also be used to present a full range of operant tasks without need for individual caging. Adjustable in 3D Picture shows the feeding station at full height extension, with...

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