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Solving Crimes with the Science of Memory Detection Memory Ping™ is a software and sensor solution which, when combined with our training, allows investigators to conduct testing of suspects to determine their involvement in the crime under investigation. The software includes an algorithm to guide decisions. WHY IT WORKS Memory Ping detects the presence of information in the suspect’s memory. There are uncontrollable physiological reactions in a guilty suspect when crime details are mentioned, reactions that do not occur in those who do not know those details. Memory Ping makes it easy for you to find out who knows this information. If you are looking to strengthen your investigation process, please contact us for more information about the Concealed Information Test technique and our Memory Ping™ solution. The Memory Ping training program is conducted in a week of lectures and hands-on exercises. When training is complete, a Memory Ping test can be conducted almost anywhere in 30 minutes or less with the results displayed immediately. ACCURATE Leveraging proven technology and testing methodology, Memory Ping detects subtle and involuntary signals with known physiological reactions to recognition and deception. FLEXIBLE Memory Ping can be used to perform a Concealed Information Test (CIT) as well as facilitate a structured interview.* Testing can be even further customized using Lafayette Instrument’s proprietary polygraph software, LXSoftware.** VALIDATED Analysis of CIT data can be performed automatically with Memory Ping’s validated algorithm. It is based on decades of published research from several respected scientists. The algorithm can score the data, show the user what it is scoring, and will produce a decision along with a probability statement. AFFORDABLE Reactions are detected using sensors on the hand or fingers while the software can be used on a laptop, desktop, or even a tablet. The Memory Ping software allows the user to quickly set up and conduct an interview or test, watch the data scroll on the screen in real time, evaluate the data offline, and easily send the case electronically to another investigator. * Structured interview functionality requires Memory Ping v 2.0 or above. ** Requires LXSoftware v11.6.4 or above. Visit for more information or to download LXSoftware. Copyright © 2016-2017 Lafayette Instrument Company. All Rights R

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Solving Crimes with the Science of Memory Detection COMPUTER REQUIREMENTS • Input: EDA (1 Channel) • Type/Specifications: • GSR: 3.59uA • Constant Current Range: 10kΩ - 2.5MΩ • Isolation: 5KVrms Memory Ping hardware and software was designed with the minimum system requirements in mind: HARDWARE SPECIFICATIONS • • • • • • Size: L: 3.0’’ W: 1.2’’ H: 1.0” (L: 7.62cm W: 3.05cm H: 2.54cm) Weight: 0.21 lbs. (95g) Power Requirements: Receives power via USB connection USB Specifications: USB HID Transfer Rate: 120 samples per second Resolution: 24-bit analog to digital conversion Operating System:...

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