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Motor Behavior & Cognitive Tools

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Motor Learning & Control 3 U Lafayette Instrument. 3700 Sagamore Parkway North PO Box 5729 • Lafayette, IN 47903 USA Tel: 765.423.1505 • 800.428.7545 Fax: 765.423.4111 E-mail: Lafayette Instrument Co. Europe 4 Park Road, Sileby, Loughborough, Leics., LE12 7TJ. UK. Tel: +44 (0)1509 817700 Fax: +44 (0)1509 817701 E-mail: Motor Behavior & Cognitive Tools Since 1947 Lafayette Instrument Company has provided laboratory instrumentation that has been the foundation of scientific literature in the fields of...

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Motor Behavior & Cognitive Tools - 3

Stability Platform, Model 16030 The Stability Platform measures balancing ability, which is essential to successfully performing many activities. The Model 16030 Stability Platform features fully integrated timing functions for test control and electronic angle measurement for unsurpassed accuracy. The platform control allows a wide range of user controlled parameters including variable test times, selectable angle limits, and digital tilt angle readout. With the Stability Platform's rugged design and electronic capabilities, it will provide many years of reliable operation. Optional...

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Motor Behavior & Cognitive Tools - 4

Motor Learning & Control Standard Rotary Pursuit, Model 30010A Replacement Stylus with Flexible Tip, Model 30100F This apparatus is commonly used in the study of perceptual motor-skills and learning phenomena. The standard rotary pursuit has a rotating 10” anodized disk with a 0.75” target spot placed at a 3.125” radius from the disk center. The subject’s task is to maintain contact between the target spot and a metal wand. An internal timer automatically alternates between a 20-second test period and 20-second rest period. The use of an external interval timer allows for variable test and...

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Motor Behavior & Cognitive Tools - 5

Auto Scoring Mirror Tracer, Model 58024A Replacement Mirror and Base, Model 58024M Replacement Stylus, Model 32533B Mirror Tracer Connection Cable, Model 32533C Replacement Star, Model 32532A This tracing device involves reversal ability, hand-eye coordination and learning. Subject is required to trace the star pattern while watching only its mirror image. This automated unit comes with a Model 58024C Impulse Counter which counts every time the metaltipped stylus leaves the anodized star pattern. 31010 Mirror Tracer, Model 31010 Replacement Tracing Stars, Model 31110 This mirror tracer...

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Motor Behavior & Cognitive Tools - 6

Motor Learning & Control Pyramid Puzzle, Model 20013 Our pyramid puzzle has been adapted from the well-known Tower of Hanoi puzzle. The subject is required to move the stack of graduated blocks from one pole to another, by moving them only one at a time and without ever placing a larger block atop a smaller block. This is a useful tool for demonstrating problem solving, insight learning and concept formation. Pencil Maze, Model 20014 While blindfolded, an individual is required to trace through the maze from start to finish. An 8.5” x 11” sheet of blank paper fits between the maze and its...

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Motor Behavior & Cognitive Tools - 7

Motor Learning & Control Steadiness Tester, Groove Type, Model 32010 Replacement Stylus, Model 32100 This device tests dynamic steadiness. The subject is required to move a metal-tipped stylus along a narrowing channel without touching the sides. The channel width can be adjusted for varying difficulty. Centimeter markings along the edge allow measurement of a subject’s performance. Silent Impulse Counter Model 58024C can be used to detect errors. Multi-Function Timer Counter Model 54035A or Economy Clock/Counter Model 54060 can be used to detect errors and measure total time in error....

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Motor Behavior & Cognitive Tools - 8

We are proud to introduce our new system of reaction time measurement, the Multi-Operational Apparatus for Reaction Time (MO1 . ART) system. With MO 1 . ART you can employ simple reaction time tasks such as Go/No Go tasks for the study of higher centers of the brain, and more complex discriminate reaction time tasks to study cognitive processing. The system may also be used to study executive functioning through the use of an interference tapping task. While subjects are required to attend to a reaction time task they must execute a simultaneous tapping task. 1. Simple Reaction Time: Choose...

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Motor Behavior & Cognitive Tools - 9

35602 Single Touch Key with Stimulus for MO ART, Model 35602 Auxiliary Single Touch Key with Stimulus to be used with the MO ART Reaction Time/Movement Time Panel Model 35600, auxiliary key input. 35603 Footswitch Response Pad for MO ART, Model 35603 Footswitch response option to be used with the MO ART Reaction Time/Movement Time Panel Model 35600, auxiliary input. Switch Mat 17” x 23”, Model 63515 Switch Mat 6” x 22”, Model 63516 Switch Mat 23” x 35”, Model 63517 Switch Mat 30” x 32”, Model 63518 Vinyl, heat-sealed mats have an 8-foot cable terminated in standard banana plug connectors....

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Motor Behavior & Cognitive Tools - 10

Bassin Anticipation Timer, Model 35575 Dr. Stanley Bassin originally developed the Bassin Anticipation Timer at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. One of the applications of the unit is to test the area of human visual acuity related to eye-hand coordination and anticipation. The subject is instructed to watch a light as it travels down the runway. They must anticipate the light reaching the target and press a pushbutton, or perform some other action, to coincide with the arrival of the light at the target. The new version of the Bassin Anticipation Timer incorporates many new...

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Motor Behavior & Cognitive Tools - 11

Lafayette Instrument's PsymSoft, a psychomotor experiment software for Microsoft® Windows®, allows researchers to design experiments for several of our motor behavior products. The software is used to program the various parameters associated with each motor behavior device and to guide the experimental procedure. Experimental data is automatically recorded and stored in a database where it can be recalled for built-in reporting or queried for in-depth analysis. Experiment Builder: • Define experiment using blocks, tests and trials • Build experiments with different configurations for a...

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