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Control and Conditioning for Rodents

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Operant Control and Conditioning - 2

ABET II offers a system that can be user customized and programmed with no programming experience. Every effort has been made to make this easy to use for those with minimal operant conditioning experience, yet powerful enough to run complex schedules for the experimental analysis of behavior. If you can conceptualize your experiment in a flow chart or a spreadsheet, you can create the conditions and actions needed for virtually any scheduled task. What is ABET II? Environment Designer • Easily assign labels to inputs and outputs connected to the computer • Add or duplicate environments as...

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Operant Control and Conditioning - 3

Execution Manager • • • • • Load single or multiple environments with same or different schedules in one step Add session variables as needed for notes, animal identification, weight, dose or treatment, and other information Adjust variable settings globally or individually from the keyboard or an experiment file Activate a real-time debugger when needed to follow and save each performance step of a schedule while it is being tested Enjoy the security of the most comprehensive results database of any system Data Viewer • • • • • Load one or multiple sessions for viewing Select your data...

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Operant Control and Conditioning - 4

ABET 2G HARDWARE FOR OPERANT CONTROL ABET 2G PCI Interface Card and Cable Model 81504 A single computer PCI circuit board and 100 conductor ribbon cable now connect directly to the ABET 2G Starter Interface to support 1 – 12 test chambers. The driver box and additional cables used in older systems have now been eliminated. ABET 2G Starter Interface Model 81501 This base unit may be used to support two test stations with 8 Inputs and 15 Outputs each, or a single test station with 16 Inputs and 30 Outputs. Each half is independently fused, with software controlled safety relays to shut off...

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Operant Control and Conditioning - 5

RAT MODULAR CHAMBERS & ACCESSORIES Modular Chamber Tall Modular Chamber The operant conditioning test chambers boast features not found in other chambers, yet are fully compatible with all 3” wide modular panels available from other manufacturers. A shockable stainless steel grid rod floor comes standard with these units. Models 80004NS/80016NS are identical to Models 80004/80016 in all respects except the shockable grid floor has been replaced by a less expensive perforated stainless steel non-shock floor. Chamber Features • Easy to remove top with just four thumbscrews • Large Stainless...

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Operant Control and Conditioning - 6

Press Bar Model 80110M The heavy duty (0.032” thick) stainless steel construction of this lever ensures long lasting reliable operation. A micro switch is used to provide a Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) contact that senses lever activation. The force required to move the bar is factory calibrated to be less than 10 gm and is field adjustable via counterbalance washers located on the back. This is preferred over spring systems that can change over time or hang up on the moving lever. Movement required to activate the lever switch is 3 mm. (Normally Closed (NC) contact available...

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Operant Control and Conditioning - 7

White Noise Module Clicker Module A number of components are available for auditory stimulation. Just two are listed above. Contact Lafayette Instrument Company with specific needs to obtain additional information on components not found in this brochure. 45mg Pellet Dispenser Model 80209M This 45mg Pellet Dispenser uses the latest design features to provide consistent and reliable pellet delivery. It can easily be converted to other pellet sizes and made even more reliable with an optional pellet drop detector. The dispenser is supplied with a selector disk suitable for 45mg pellets as...

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Operant Control and Conditioning - 8

MOUSE MODULAR CHAMBERS & ACCESSORIES Model 80015 These carefully designed operant conditioning test chambers feature a reduced floor area to facilitate training mice on operant tasks. Units include many of the same features found in the standard rat modular test chambers. You get the choice of a chamber with a perforated stainless steel non-shock floor (Model 80015NS), or a stainless steel grid rod floor (Model 80015), a stainless steel waste pan, and full filler panels are included with each chamber. Chamber Features • Easily removable top with just four thumbscrews • Large Stainless Steel...

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Operant Control and Conditioning - 9

Standard Response Lever Model 80120MM This lever features a small stainless steel paddle mounted on a 2U aluminum modular panel. The low response force of less than 3g is adjustable. The paddle dimensions are 0.632” (16 mm) wide x 0.04” (1.02 mm) thick with a protrusion of 0.3455” (8.77 mm). Electrically, both NO & NC Contacts are provided. Mouse Nose Poke with Tri Color Stimulus Model 80116TM14 This nose poke module feature a reliable I/R sensor and tricolor stimulus light with color and intensity control as well as multiple mode control. Three output control lines are required. Other...

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Operant Control and Conditioning - 10

SOUND ATTENUATING CUBICLES Sound Cubicle - Double Door Peep Model 83018DDP This cubicle is one of several models constructed of expanded PVC foam panels that resist moisture and many chemicals. All outside walls are 0.75” (19 mm) thick. This Model features double doors with a rubber seal to minimize air and light incursion and a covered peephole for animal viewing. The left door is larger than the right so that animals may be loaded by opening a single door. The door hinges allow 180 degrees of movement (twice that of other units) and can be quickly released without tools to remove the...

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Operant Control and Conditioning - 11

ADDITIONAL CHAMBERS FOR RODENTS The 5CSRT Task Nose Poke Chambers and Touch Screen Chambers are Available for the 5CSRT task and other cognitive testing in both rats and mice. The 5CSRT Task is a test of sustained and selective attention and reaction time, which has been well characterized in the rat and mouse to show clinical validity in a variety of settings. Clinical models showing impairment in this area include Alzheimer’s, Depression, Huntington’s, Schizophrenia, ADHD and OCD. The neural systems that have been implicated include Prefrontal cortex, basal forebrain, cholinergic...

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