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Globally recognised by the workplace, Lanaform draws on its experience and reputation mainly in the health, beauty and well-being sectors. With a highly diversified range, we are able to respond to each and every one of your needs.

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Recharging your batteries and taking time to pamper yourself is vital for eliminating everyday stress. A real partner in well-being, we seek to create products that meet all your needs. Relax and take advantage of all Lanaform's expertise at home. Lanaform was set up at the gateway to the Belgian Ardennes to create products that meet your needs. With our dynamic teams, we have been able to foster our national expertise and export it abroad. Established in 1975, Lanaform not only has the benefit of 40 years'experience, but also expertise that makes it one of Europe's leaders in home...

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To be continually developing new features is one of our aims. Every day we are working on the research and development of new products so that they help improve your everyday life. In order to provide quality products to consumers, we have all our products certified by officially-recognised bodies. In addition we attach great importance, in both sales and customer service, to providing you with a quality, trustworthy service.

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Home Health Experience Home Health Experience For over 40 years, our task has been to improve your well-being on a daily basis by developing and providing access to solutions that meet the most stringent quality, efficiency and safety requirements while informing, advising and supporting you on a daily basis. M Slimming Get up and go with it now through our Slimming World. Wellness Stay in shape and relaxed with our Well-being range. Facebook In our enthusiasm to create a genuine link with you, we would like to share our daily routine and get to know you better through our Facebook page....

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Health Overcome everyday aches and pains with our Health range. Air Quality —^ O Breathe deeply with Quality Air. Blog If you're interested in finding out more about our wellness topics and solutions, go to our blog where you will find our advice on health, beauty et wellness! Website With a range of over 200 products, we endeavour to provide you with solutions for improving your well-being. From health devices to beauty products, our product ranges will ensure you feel your best at every level! Be inspired by our new products and enjoy a real wellness experience.

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©Slimming Smart garments Shapewear Slimming garments Size guide Slimming devices Dynastatic® slimming shoes Slimming cosmetics © Health Light therapy Dawn simulators Measuring devices Hearing amplifier Aerosol Protective belts Support Medic-Wool® Sheepskins ©Air Quality Organic essentials oils Essential oil diffusers Humidifiers Hygrometer Dehumidifier Air purifiers

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Portable massage devices081 Massage seat covers 082 Foot massage devices 084 Hair brush Facial cleansing brush Dermabrasion Anti-wrinkles Facial saunas Mirrors Cosmetics Hair removal Manicure / Pedicure Trimmers & Shavers Hair powder Cleaning Gaby's World Gaby's Care Humidifiers

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LED light/ number of LEDs FSL technology Light intensity (lux) Ultraviolet light emission No ultraviolet light emission [IVVV' Massage w'' function Shiatsu massage Swing massage Rolling massage Touch operation Heart rate display Material: ceramic ' * \ Built-in hygrometer Water level indication Pressure massage Upper respiratory tract . )a. Lower f><Fi>r|) ,esPiratorv tract Power supply: AA battery(ies) Nebulization rate (ml/min) Anti-dust mite Technology Adjustment to the auditory canal 4-v'l \ Material: glass , Material: (C ))) plastic with rubber finish U ^>\ Material: (.LsaA j...

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Smart garments Smart are the result of a combination of 2 technolot;. : ^ Microcapsules based on active cosmetic principles fixed to each fiber of the textile, which are released when in contact with the skin. » A fibre based on bio-ceramic crystals, which will increase the skin temperature and therefore improve blood and lymph circulation. The crystals will absorb and transform the heat produced by the body and send it back in the form of infrared rays, which will increase the skin temperature. The active ingredients contained in the microcapsules will be released through the friction due...

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Specially designed for sport Active Slim, the ideal sports leggings for a slimmer, toned and slender shape! ) Immediate effect With its body-shaping knitted fabric, its broad belt and reshaping effect, the Active Slim redefines and firms the figure* immediately around the tummy and thighs. It also corrects and provides a perfect fit for your body when exercising! ’ Lasting effects The combination of bio-ceramic fibre and the unique 3D knitted fabric means that the Active Slim works directly on the fat cells, helping to remove them. Blood circulation is increased which forces the body to...

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Immediate body-shaping and firming action : this fabric immediately redefines the figure with its body-shaping effect on the stomach and on the hips and firming effect on the buttocks. Anti-cellulite action : the ceramic fiber combined with an encapsulated micro seaweed-based cosmetic complex will work directly on the areas to be treated through the body's movements. This combination will help with inch loss and has an anti-cellulite effect. Micro-massaging action : Secret Slim's unique 3D knit will create a micro-massage on the target areas which will work on the skin's appearance, making...

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The Mass & Slim is a smart textile made from Bamboo Viscose and Tourmaline. } Short term action: it redefines the figure with its immediate body-shaping effect. ) Long-term action: lasting correction and slimming effect on unsightly areas with its Tourmaline beads.These beads give the skin a micro-massage which, helps to improve blood circulation and lymph flow, and so to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Mass & Slim Legging LA0132041 -B19 _ Tourmaline beads give rise to a slight, localised increase in skin temperature, which can help the body irrigate fat cells more effectively and...

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