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ENGLISH EN Presentation Contents This complex movement makes it possible to massage the subcutaneous connective tissue, encouraging blood flow and lymphatic circulation. Your skin will become smoother, firmer and cellulite will appear reduced. The Cell Roller anti-cellulite device makes it possible for you to receive a massage that encourages blood flow, especially in areas affected by cellulite, the orange peel effect and loose connective tissue: the thighs, arms, belly and bottom. Its powerful motor provides a strong squeeze-roll massage. 01 Unpacking 02 Safety precautions 03 Product...

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or Lanaform directly. In the event of any complaint, you will need the model of the device, serial number, date of purchase, your details and your address. 1× Cell Roller device 1× Power supply 1× this User Manual Safety precautions Please read all the instructions before using your electric hot water bottle, especially this basic safety information. The photographs and other images of the product in this manual and on the packaging are as accurate as possible, but do not claim to be a perfect reproduction of the product. The device is intended solely for personal use and not for medical or...

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physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge as long as they are supervised or know how to use it completely safely and understand the risks. Children must not play with the appliance. It must not be cleaned or handled by children without supervision. If the device’s electrical power cable is damaged, it must be disposed of. If the cable cannot be detached, the device must be disposed of. Under no circumstances should you open or repair the device; it would no longer be possible to guarantee that the device would work properly. Failure to follow these...

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• do not use it if you have any pathological changes or wounds on the part of the body to be massaged (e.g. herniated disc, open wound), • for massages in the area of the heart if you wear a pacemaker. For other parts of the body, seek medical advice first, • on skin and swollen or burnt parts of the body presenting with inflammation or injury, • in the event of open wounds, on capillaries, varicose veins, in cases of acne or rosacea, • herpes or other skin diseases, • during pregnancy, • on the face (eyes), larynx or other particularly sensitive parts of the body,

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• do not use the device for a foot massage, • when sleeping, • after taking drugs or alcohol (limited sensory perception), • in a vehicle. The device is only for use as per this user manual. The manufacturer cannot • if you suffer from a serious illness or if you have undergone surgery on your upper body, • if you have been fitted with a pacemaker, implants or any other ancillary device, • if you have ever suffered or are currently suffering in particular from blood clots, diabetes or any other pain of unknown origin. Seek medical advice before using this massage device:

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be held liable for damage caused by inappropriate or improper use. As with any electrical device, this massage device must be used cautiously and with care to avoid any risk of electrocution. Therefore, only use the device: • with the power supply provided and at the mains voltage indicated on the power supply, • under any circumstances if there is visible damage to the device or its accessories, • during a thunderstorm. If the equipment is faulty or malfunctions, stop and unplug it immediately. Do not pull on the device’s power cable or to disconnect the power supply. Do not hold and never...

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from hot surfaces. Do not jam, fold or twist the cable. Do not push needles or other sharp objects into it. Make sure that the massage device, the switch, the power supply and the cable do not come into contact with water, steam or other liquids. Therefore, only use the device only in dry rooms indoors (i.e. never in a bathroom or sauna). Never try to pick up a device that has fallen into water. Unplug it immediately. Do not use the device or its accessories if any damage is visible. Avoid shaking the device and do not drop it. Repairs to electrical appliances should only be carried out by...

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Fire hazard Using this appliance incorrectly or failing to comply with these instructions could cause a fire! Therefore, never use the massage device: • under a cover or cushion, • close to petrol or other highly flammable substances. After each use and before it is cleaned, switch off the device and unplug it. Do not insert any item into the openings or into any rotating parts. Make sure that moving parts can always move unimpeded. Keep the device away from high temperatures.

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Cellulite can cause the formation of fatty deposits on the surface of the skin, located mainly around the thighs, arms and buttocks. When cellulite is widespread, the fat cells increase in volume and thus exert a certain upward pressure, causing this common formation of fatty deposits However, massage that encourages blood flow, combined with regular physical exercise and a balanced diet, can lead to an improvement in the appearance of the skin. The Cell Roller device makes it possible for you to receive a massage that encourages blood flow, especially in areas affected by cellulite orange...

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movement makes it possible to massage the subcutaneous connective tissue, encouraging blood flow and lymphatic circulation. With its squeeze-roll function, the device reproduces the action of a professional massage. The ergonomic design of this device provides for comfortable use at home. Remove the packaging. Check that the appliance, power supply mains plug, and cable are not damaged in any way. Insert the connecting plug into the socket on the massage device. Position the power cable so that nobody trips over it. Use The massage device must not be pressed hard into the area you want to...

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