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Efficient with substance Intuitive laser technology for small to medium sized molds

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The highest form of security Ideal for high material load The aviation industry utilizes the benefits of laser technology for joining respectively welding complex parts without distorting the material. Other pros are the marginal danger of cracking the material while keeping its ductility, the stability of the welding seam, the construction´s minimal deformation compared to other welding techniques and the very small heat affected zone. Example: Turbine stator and rotor blades are components exposed to the highest thermal, chemical and dynamic loads and to temperatures of up to 1400°...

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Inspirations of our customers and several years of development led to a complete redevelopment of this laser welding system. The result is a mobile laser welding system that sets new standards for open laser workstations. In addition to the comfortable operating features, designed with practical use in mind, a wide range of innovations support semiautomatic processing. Continue reading to learn about all the new developments and form your own opinion. Technical specifications Laser • Newly developed resonator • Modular components reduce maintenance times Quality assurance • Recording of...

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Ergonomics without compromise We have enhance the LRS EVO laser system to satisfy versatile requirements in tool and die making and in other industries as well. Intuitive operation – fast and efficient. With this system no wishes are left unfilled in the processing of small to medium die sizes since extensive accessories can expand your welding capabilities for both simple and complex laser welding tasks. In designing this system, we placed great importance on user-friendliness, ergonomics and cost-effectiveness. Useful accessories For the LRS EVO laser system we offer a whole range of...

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Control via touchscreen Via the 10“ touch display all parameters are accessible and there are reams of possibilities to adjust important settings which can also be stored directly. Saved data can be accessed anytime. examples: Laser parameters Configured easily and accurately. Pulse shaping Program the ideal setting. Video 1:1 tracking of the welding process and saved along with all technical parameters. Motion Welding line determination, r-axis. One-hand operation via joystick Along with the display, the joystick functions are the central operating element. Traverse speed, axis direction...

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Compressor cooling System–COR-22 The external compressor cooling system guarantees prolonged operation – without overheating! A temperature stability of +/-1º C ensures constant pulse/pulse stability and increases the service life of the laser lamp. The external compressor laser cooling guarantees a constant water temperature. This means consistently constant laser output and a longer lifetime for the optical components. Twenty four seven After one hour already, overheating can result with standard cooling systems. With the COR-22, you can weld practically around the clock. · Consistently...

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System equipment Laser system Laser resonator inclusive resonator mechanics Laser rod Cavity Resonator mirror Safety shutter Beam expansion Mains supply including mains fuse Mains isolator Emergency stop Motor circuit breaker • Low voltage power supply 24 VDC • Interface with hardware monitoring function • Lamp switch • Industry controller for setting and display of power, pulse duration, pulse repetition frequency with external trigger via footswitch • C-bank • Cooling systems according to performance class: water/air, compressor cooling, water/water LCD anti-glare Binoculars iox Focussing...

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