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All-in-one marking and engraving laser system with integrated PC and software-based variable focal length.

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Compact Marking Laser. Compact Price. With the MAG COMPACT Laser, OR Laser presents a new concept of marking and engraving laser systems. As a more economic alternative with 10W laser power, built-in PC and software-based variable focal length, the all-in-one laser marking performs work on small components efficiently and reliably. This offers new options to users such as in the jewelry industry or the processing of electronic components. The compact design of the MAG COMPACT allows it to easily integrate into any working environment. The power supply, the laser source, the complete optics...

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Main application of MAG-Compact: • Production lines with different component heights • Small components such as jewelry industry, electronic components • Low budget applications Technical data Application examples Laser

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Partners Europe Germany • France • Italy Switzerland • UK • Spain Austria • Poland • Portugal Russia • Serbia • Slovakia Slovenia • Benelux • Hungary Czech Republic Asia China • Hong Kong • India Japan • Malaysia • Singapore South Corea • Thailand Middle East United Arab Emirates Africa South Africa Central & South America Argentina • Brazil Mexico • Columbia Ozeania Australia • New Zealand Your Engineering Quality is always on

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