The First Fractional Plasma Device in the World


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The first Fractional Plasma device in the world!

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Brief Introduction: Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter, whose character has high temperature, high conductivity and high activity. Mjolnir is the first fractional plasma equipment, which is a revolutionary method for a perfect face and body rejuvenation. Working principle: Under the controllable way, the needle-shaped plasma column is released to the skin surface by the fractional way and dot by dot. The principle is to ionize gas in the air to create more small electrical arches, tissues are treated “sublimate” and avoid spreading unwanted heat to the surrounding areas....

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Technical advantages: Compared with Fractional RF, whose energy just reach epidermis, so can ’ t treat wrinkles and scar problem in dermis. Needles don’t contact skin to operate, not be influenced by skin resistance. By higher voltage, faster discharge, release energy in shorter time, lower skin damage. Compared with Fractional laser, Mjolnir’s investment cost is much more economical, but can cover all the application of laser. Safety risk to operator and patient both are much lower, and can be used more widely, no any medical limits. Compared with normal plasma, whose current excitation is...

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Company introduction: Shenzhen Leaflife Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2015 year, is a R&D, manufacturing and marketing medical company, which produce medical laser equipment, beauty equipment, home use beauty devices and core components such as lasers, chips, etc.. The products have been sold to more than 50 countries, annual sales tens of millions RMB. As an innovation-oriented new technology-based company, owns strong R&D power, the first fiber coupled diode laser technology is the breakthrough of diode laser hair removal. Global patent LED hair removal technology, lead the new...

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