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Contoured Advance Seat

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Stronger together. We work with individuals, therapists and carers to design products with both a clinical and an emotional focus. Using the latest research and clinical understanding, we create practical solutions which are easily integrated into family life, because for us, life is about going, enjoying, participating and doing.

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Contoured Advance Seat - 3

24 hour postural care for babies, kids & adults. Sleeping, Sitting, Standing, Walking, Moving, Bathing, Toileting.

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Contoured Advance Seat - 4

The Contoured Advance Seat is a modular, robust therapy seating system for children with moderate to complex clinical needs. With a large growth range, the three sizes of seat with split seat base and backrest options meet the needs of children aged 1-16 years. A large range of accessories are available including flexible thoracic and hip laterals, footplates and sandals, headrest and thoracic harnesses. The height adjustable Hi-low chassis can be easily positioned with the child in the seat for table top play activities or for integration at family meal times. Available in both manual foot...

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Contoured Advance Seat - 6

Head support options Contoured split backrest Backrest laterals 4 point pelvic positioning harness Armrest and slot to hold tray Side pads Sacral cushion for pelvic positioning Split seat base leg length Flip away knee supports Lower leg and footplate height and angle adjustment Adjustable footplates and sandals Hi-low chassis

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Contoured Advance Seat - 7

The Contoured Advance Seat offers the highest levels of contoured postural support and clinical benefits for children across the spectrum of needs. The system is available in three sizes and has been designed to offer choice with its wide range of accessories as well as seat and chassis options. Whitmyer head support options All Contoured Advance Seats have a 4 point pelvic strap as standard providing secure and proximal positioning essential for stabilising the base of support and maximising upper body function and head control. The split seat option allows precise femoral positioning for...

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Contoured Advance Seat - 8

The Contoured Advance Seating system is available in three sizes. The standard product includes: Split or one piece cushions; 4 point pelvic belt; height and depth adjustable armrests; height, depth and angle adjustable footplates; pushbar handle; Hi-low chassis. Product Sizing Size Contoured Advance Seat Top of seat to floor: Foot Pedal Operated min max Powered min max Back Width (distance between laterals) min max Tray Height (seat to top of tray) min max Tilt-in-space Prone Recline Backrest Recline Prone Recline Sacral cushion Chassis Options Advance+ chassis with lockable castors. Size...

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Contoured Advance Seat - 9

CAS/#/102 1 piece seat pommel CAS/#/170 Split seat pommel CAS/#/109 Padded tray insert CAS/#/111 Flat high back CAS/#/112 Lateral supports for flat high back CAS/#/116 Hyper extension pads LAS/#/128 1 piece footplate CAS/#/160 1” footplate raiser Whitmyer head support system Whitmyer head support system Fabric Options CAS/#/103 Flexible lateral supports CAS/#/104 CAS/#/113 Standard lateral supports Contoured head support

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Contoured Advance Seat - 10

Established in 1983, Leckey is a globally recognised pioneer in the research and development of products that help adults and children with disabilities to go, do, enjoy and participate in everyday activities throughout the day and night. We take a highly clinical approach to product design and development. Through in-depth clinical research studies with leading universities, and extensive trials with occupational therapists, physiotherapists, users and their families, we continue to develop posturally supportive, family friendly products for all day care, at every stage of life. Through...

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Contoured Advance Seat - 12

Leckey 19A Ballinderry Road Lisburn BT28 2SA Northern Ireland United Kingdom 24 hour postural care for babies, kids & adults. Sleeping, Sitting, Standing, Walking, Moving, Bathing, Toileting. LS217-02

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