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Horizon-Stander - 2

Stronger together. We work with individuals, therapists and carers to design products with both a clinical and an emotional focus. Using the latest research and clinical understanding, we create practical solutions which are easily integrated into family life, because for us, life is about going, enjoying, participating and doing.

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Horizon-Stander - 3

24 hour postural care for babies, kids & adults. Sleeping, Sitting, Standing, Walking, Moving, Bathing, Toileting.

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Horizon-Stander - 4

The Horizon Stander is a robust, durable 3-in-1 stander which can be positioned in prone, supine or upright. And is now available in a Size 3. The new Size 3 has been designed with the larger teen or adult client in mind, with a maximum weight limit of 100kg/220lbs. In addition to the new maximum weight limit, on the Size 3 the hip pad and the distance between the chest laterals have been made wider.

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Horizon-Stander - 5

And that’s not all! The popularity of the Size 1 and 2’s innovative design features have led us to incorporate them into the new Size 3. The whole Horizon range therefore continues to enable safe and easy transfer of users using either mobile or tracking hoists, and the individual Prone setup (with optional accessories) adjustable chest, hip, knee and footplates provide unsurpassed levels of adjustability for proximal positioning – ideal for more complex users or adults who have not benetted from standing therapy for some time.

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Horizon-Stander - 6

So what’s new? Leckey have introduced a number of new features and accessories across the whole Horizon range... B. Balance D. Prone Flexion The derotation pelvic belt (A & B) has been redesigned like the Mygo Stander belt, to give more proprioception and structure under the client’s bottom. Pelvic Belt Knee Brackets There are extended knee brackets (C & D) to give a greater range of depth adjustment. Head Support The contoured head support now offers lateral adjustment for clients whose heads are not in the mid-line. Footplates The new optional 3D footplates will accommodate varus/ valgus...

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Horizon-Stander - 7

The controller and handset have 4 new features: 1. There is an indicator light which shows the level of charge that is left in the battery, helping you to plan when to charge it. In addition to all the clinical and technical improvements, the product has had a makeover with new fabric and a new chassis colour. A new look and size range for a very popular product. 2. To preserve the life of the battery, the Horizon has an in-built disabling system so that the product stops before the battery is fully at. This means that the battery is not damaged and will last the lifetime of the Horizon. 3....

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Horizon-Stander - 8

Enables kids to interact eye-to-eye with peers Improves wellbeing, alertness and sleep patterns Aids digestion, bowel function and bladder drainage Enhances circulation and blood pressure Improves respiration and voice control Facilitates formation of the hip joint in early development Stretches muscles, preventing the onset of contractures Increases bone density and reduces risk of fractures Improves skin integrity by relieving pressure encountered during sitting

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Horizon-Stander - 9

Standing increases bone density and reduces the risk of fractures. Normal bone development needs a combination of good nutrition, weight bearing, e.g. through standing or walking, and the use of muscles. Research shows that standing improves the bone density of the pelvis and leg bones of non-ambulatory children, such as those with CP, Muscular Dystrophy, Spina Bida or spinal cord injury. Standing stretches muscles, preventing the onset of contractures. Research shows that standing programmes, if maintained, improve the extensibility of the hamstrings, increase range of movement and reduce...

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Horizon-Stander - 10

Flat head support (contoured available) Supine setup (shown with optional accessories) Adjustable chest & lateral support Adjustable chest/ back pad Adjustable activity tray New improved pelvic band (lateral supports available) Angle indicator Adjustable knee supports Charging point Independently adjustable footplates and sandals (basic, ip-up & 3D footplates available)

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Horizon-Stander - 12

The Horizon Stander is now available in three sizes. Configuration The standard product includes frame, chassis, back/chest pad and hip pad. Product Sizing Size Height in Horizontal Position User Standing Height min max Shoulder Height (footplate to top of pad) min max Knee Height (footplate to middle of pad) min max Width Between Chest Laterals min max Footplate Angle Adjustment +/- Tray Sizes Tray Angle Adjustment Prone Version Tray Angle Adjustment Supine Version Frame Clearance (bottom of ski to ground) Horizon Stander Leckey Servicing Our FREE service and support includes: Free product...

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Horizon-Stander - 13

3. Head Lateral Supports 4. Extended Headrest Bracket 5. Whitmyer Head Support 6. Flexible Chest Laterals 7. Flip-Away Chest Laterals (Size 3 only) 8. Supine Tray (Size 3 only) 9. Wooden Tray (Size 3 only) 10. Padded Tray Insert (Plastic tray only) 11. Grab Rail (Size 1 & 2 only) 12. Grab Post (Size 1 & 2 only) 14. Flip-Away Hip Laterals (Size 3 only) 17. Medium/Long Knee Extension Bracket 18. Basic Footplates (Shown with sandals) 19. Flip-up Footplate (Shown with sandals) 21. Simple and easy-touse hand adjustments Conversion kit for supine standing Conversion kit for prone standing...

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Horizon-Stander - 14

Established in 1983, Leckey is a globally recognised pioneer in the research and development of products that help adults and children with disabilities to go, do, enjoy and participate in everyday activities throughout the day and night. We take a highly clinical approach to product design and development. Through in-depth clinical research studies with leading universities, and extensive trials with occupational therapists, physiotherapists, users and their families, we continue to develop posturally supportive, family friendly products for all day care, at every stage of life. Through...

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Horizon-Stander - 16

Leckey 19 Ballinderry Road Lisburn BT28 2SA Northern Ireland United Kingdom 24 hour postural care for babies, kids & adults. Sleeping, Sitting, Standing, Walking, Moving, Bathing, Toileting. LS222-03

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