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Stronger together. We work with individuals, therapists and carers to design products with both a clinical and an emotional focus. Using the latest research and clinical understanding, we create practical solutions which are easily integrated into family life, because for us, life is about going, enjoying, participating and doing. The new Bigger, Better, 2010 Mygo Stronger. 24 hour postural care for babies, kids & adults. Sleeping, Sitting, Standing, Walking, Moving, Bathing, Toileting.

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The new 2010 Mygo is bigger! It comes in 2 sizes for kids aged 3-10 and 8-14 years.

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We’ve not only made the new 2010 Mygo bigger, it’s better and stronger! By redesigning components and specifying new materials we’ve made a number of key design changes to give the new 2010 Mygo seat added practicality, strength, durability and support. And we’ve added so much more! Head Wider contoured headrest providing greater lateral support. Trunk Increased back height by 100mm (can be retro fitted to old Mygo seat bases but complete new backrest assembly is required). 2 armrest height options: Size 1: 160 – 210mm Size 2: 210 – 260mm. Pelvis Pelvic cradle and hip guide. Increased seat...

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Posture, Function & Comfort The Mygo Seating System’s ground breaking design is the culmination of over 25 years’ experience working with parents, therapists, technicians and kids from all over the world. It has been designed to allow therapists to optimise posture, function and comfort.

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1. Pelvic Cradle with independent hip guides provides more proximal positioning for children with high tone. 2. Ramped one piece base cushion to support the ischial tuberosities and help prevent the child sliding forward. Additional foam inserts can be used to accommodate fixed obliquity. 3. Contoured shoulder section / backrest extension 5. Leg support can accommodate both shortening and windsweeping. 3. Contoured shoulder section/ backrest extension for additional support for taller children. 4. Larger contoured headrest 4. Larger contoured headrest which is compatible with a number of...

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6. The 4 point pelvic harness with integral hip guides gives a secure, stable base of support, is cushioned for comfort and can be adjusted to ensure a mid line position. 7. Flexible sacral cushion, which can be shaped to the contours of the lower back, supports the lower spine in the desired position by encouraging a degree of forward tilt in the pelvis and lower trunk extension. In cases of lumbar lordosis, the pelvic positioning system can help achieve a more neutral position, with the sacral cushion being designed to mould to the child’s shape and maintain a comfortable position. 10....

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With its bright colours and clinical focus, Mygo has always been about fulfilling the postural and emotional needs of young children and their families. The new 2010 Mygo is able to help an even broader range of kids to carry out everyday functions at home, in the classroom or even out and about.

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The adjustability of the new Mygo seating system provides clinicians with the tools to maximise: Pelvic stability Trunk and head alignment Leg and foot positioning “Seating systems are aimed at providing an appropriate level of postural support for each child, as well as offering comfort, skin protection and stability to enable daily functional activities to be carried out at home and at school. As postural control is a pre-requisite for most functional tasks, the inability to control posture has a significant impact on function” (Wright et al, 2010). Wright C, Casey J, Porter-Armstrong A....

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SACRAL SUPPORT AND CUSHIONING FOR PELVIC STABILITY Posture, Function & Comfort Pelvic stability Integral to the Mygo Seating System’s pelvic harness is the flexible sacral support and hip guides. The flexible sacral support adjusts either to encourage a lumbar curve (neutral pelvis) or accommodate a posteriorly tilted pelvis. The most important feature of any seating or mobility system is its ability to provide pelvic stability (for tilt, rotation and obliquity) as this gives the optimum base for trunk and head alignment and upper limb function. The Mygo Seating System has a range of unique...

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With the addition of the contoured shoulder section on the new 2010 Mygo, not only is the height of the backrest extended for greater growth, but shoulder protraction is facilitated for better trunk alignment, upper limb function, and neck and head stability. Posture, Function & Comfort Trunk and Head Alignment Seating systems need to provide appropriate trunk and head support because this contributes to the stability of the pelvis, and facilitates upper limb function, concentration, and social interaction. The Mygo Seating System’s trunk and head supports can be individually tailored to...

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The Mygo Seating System’s lower leg supports follow the leg guides when they move into adduction or abduction, ensuring the footplates remain in position below the knees. Posture, Function & Comfort Leg and Foot Positioning Seating systems also need to provide appropriate leg and foot support as this plays a crucial role in maintaining the stability of the pelvis, and therefore the alignment of the trunk and head. Often overlooked, hamstrings are frequently tight in those with limited movement and can disturb pelvic stability. In addition, the feet take up to 19% of body weight, and when...

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Mygo Seating System Seat Shell Mygo product sizes The standard product includes: Seat base Backrest Flexible sacral support Upper leg supports Chassis interface Min 170mm / 6.7 inches Max 270mm / 10.6 inches Min 360mm / 14.2 inches Max 470mm / 18.5 inches Min 170mm / 6.7 inches Max 270mm / 10.6 inches Min 460mm / 18.1 inches Max 570mm / 22.4 inches Backrest Angle: Prone Recline Min 160mm / 6.3 inches Max 210mm / 8.3 inches 550 x 480mm 21.6 inches x 18.9 inches Min 210mm / 8.3 inches Max 260mm / 10.2 inches 550 x 480mm 21.6 inches x 18.9 inches Seat shell Size 2 Seat shell Size 1 User Weight...

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