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Catalogue - 3

Message by Designer & C.E.O. Mitzi Bollani A smile or a spoken word switches on the spark for a new creation. My work tries to achieve for each product the highest level of ergonomics, safety, ease of use and cleaning, in the right balance with the emotion, so that my intially experienced sensation will be imprinted in my design remaining alive over time, so it might be felt by other people, giving them a positive feeling of well-being. I am an architect and sculptor, when I create an object these two worlds always merge together. Both professions have improved my intuitiveness and my...

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Catalogue - 4

A Family Friendly World For moms, dads, children and grandparents... Leura s.r.l. solutions are Designed for You&All products because they respect every diversity, respond to specific needs becoming useful products to everyone and combine functionality, ergonomics, innovation, craftsmanship and an emotional aspect thanks to the curvy shapes and carefully chosen colors. Leura s.r.l. offers a Family Friendly World that respects the Right to Health and Participation of each person.

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Catalogue - 5

MimmaMà® 365900 N D.M. CE MimmaMà® is an ergonomic, elegant and charming chair with a particular and poetic shape. It has been designed by Mitzi Bollani to welcome mothers and babies, facilitating every breastfeeding position, including the one for the simultaneous breastfeeding of twins. The chair is equipped with the removable Tuki footrest. MimmaMà® recalls an imaginary female figure which embraces, comforts and reassures the new mother immediately after birth

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Catalogue - 6

MimmaMà® 365900 L D.M. CE MimmaMà® is a clear example of the Curvy Design loved by Mitzi Bollani. Its powerful and at the same time gentle, feminine and elegant shape reassures and welcomes people keeping them comfortably in its shell. MimmaMà® is a chair created to protect the Right to Health of mothers and babies. This swivel model of the chair adapts perfectly to any environment and can be equipped with a soft MaBeby pillow to work comfortably on a laptop

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Catalogue - 7

MimmaMà® 365900 S D.M. CE MimmaMà® has been carefully studied by paying attention to ergonomics. Its distinctive design offers the correct support to the body: the person sitting feels relaxed because his muscles tension disappears. Its backrest and armrests are joined by a continuous line which is useful for supporting babies during breastfeeding. The flared backrest allows the free movement of the people elbows. MimmaMà® can be equipped with Tuki and MaBeby

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Catalogue - 8

MimmaMà® 365900 R2 and R3 For breastfeeding rooms Leura s.r.l. created the MimmaMà® beam chair with two or three seats which allows mothers to have a moment of socialization and sharing during the feeding of the baby. The modeling of the seats, as in the other models, eliminate the women’s postural pains and relieves those after childbirth because it reduces the pressure on the perineum and unoads the woman’s body weight on her le

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Catalogue - 9

MaBeby 365900 C The crescent shape of the MaBeby pillow makes it easily adaptable to the mother's body, helping her to support the newborn in the correct breastfeeding positions. Flame retardant, antibacterial and easy to clean, the MaBeby pillow has a double coating which prevents the dispersion of the padding material in case of cuts. MaBeby can also be placed on the people’s legs while working with a laptop. 9

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Catalogue - 10

Tuki 365900 P Tuki is a fire retardant footrest extremely useful for maintaining a correct posture during breastfeeding. Designed by Mitzi Bollani to fit into the base of the MimmaMà® 365900 N armchair, Tuki can be combined with any other MimmaMà® model or other seat, allowing people to obtain the maximum comfort and relaxation. Tuki helps to keep the muscles relaxed, improving posture and promoting better circulation. 1

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Catalogue - 11

MimmaMà® Point Capsula NY 80.330 MimmaMà® Point is a welcoming, emotional and comfortable place where mothers can breastfeed, cuddle or calm babies even in very attended environments. Every MimmaMà® Point is customizable in shape, sizes and graphics, it is self-supporting and safe, because it does not tip over. The MimmaMà® Point hugs the mother and her baby in a small, intimate and relaxing space, separating but not isolating them from the outside worl

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Catalogue - 12

MimmaMà® Point Paravento 80.120 A customized screen protects the maternal bonding in breastfeeding dedicated corners. The MimmaMà® Point is a qualified family-friendly service and it should be placed in every place of life: airports, museums, libraries, banks, parks, malls… to respect the foundamental Right to Health of mothers and babies. Leura stands guarantee cleanliness, privacy, safety and functionalism in that very special moment.

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Catalogue - 13

MimmaMà® Point Chiocciola 80.312 To allow mothers to socialize and share the exciting experience of breastfeeding, Leura s.r.l. creates multi-seat corners. The MimmaMà® Point is totally customizable, it can be equipped with furnishing accessories and also completed with a changing table inserted directly into its structure. Inside, mothers will always find the specific MimmaMà® breastfeeding chair.

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Catalogue - 14

Sign On 80.800 Sign On is a digital emotional illustration, printed on fire-retardant high tack adhesive PVC sheets. It is non-toxic, antibacterial, placeable on walls and ceilings. These illustrations are specifically created on the customer's demand. Sign On makes perceive the spaces larger thanks to the illusions of drawings, it creates relaxing and playful atmospheres and renews every environment without the need of expensive interventions. 14

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Catalogue - 15

Taby 90.110 Taby is a round, elegant and minimal table, specially designed to match the MimmaMà® breastfeeding chair. It fits easily into any environment and MimmaMà® Point breastfeeding areas. Simple, linear and functional, Taby is a comfortable and useful table not only in public spaces, but also at home, perhaps in the living room, to always have a practical support.

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