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Be Sure A simple blood test and you know if your cat is healthy, www. I ifeassays .com Feline SAA handbook LifeAssays AB Solvegatan 43A SE-223 70 Lund, Sweden info@lifeassays.com Phone: +46 46 286 54 00

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when no other signs are clear. Use Serum Amyloid A 4 To determine the extensiveness of the inflammation. 4 To determine if selected treatment is effective. 4 As a rule in/rule out marker for inflammatory diseases. 4 To monitor the post-operative effects and recovery after surgery. A high Serum Amyloid A value should be an indication to start treatment for relapse, even if other signs are absent.

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LifeAssays Feline SAA System LifeAssays Feline SAA System Near Patient Testing has been an increasing trend within human medicine the last years. Veterinary medicine is starting to embrace this as well. The benefits of having a system that simplifies diagnosis, monitoring treatment and is specifically designed to do so right next to the patient in “real” time are huge. For an efficient work-flow in an emergency setting, the test must have a short turn around time, optimally less than 15 minutes. Additionally, the test-format has to be easy-to-use so that nonlaboratory personnel are able to...

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LifeAssays Feline SAA System Key benefits of Serum Amyloid A (SAA) as “the Systemic Inflammatory Marker” in cats ✓ Specific and objective marker for systemic inflammation. ✓ Real time marker - starts after 4h, significant increase detectable after 8h, peaks after 24h-48h (Ref. Ceron et al.) ✓ Large diagnostic window - multifold increase in concentration as compared to reference range. ✓ An elevated serum value always indicates pathology. ✓ Use SAA to monitor the post-operative effects and recovery after surgery. All diseases stimulating a systemic inflammation can be monitored, for example:...

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LifeAssays Feline SAA System LifeAssays Feline SAA System Soft tissue Surgery To best make use of a post-diagnostic SAA value it is of great importance to have a pre-diagnostic value, since this will enable you to compare the two. Orthopedic Surgery LifeAssays Feline SAA System CRP LifeAssays® Feline SAA test kit provides a pointof-care quantitative measurement of Feline SAA in serum, within 11 minutes. This two-site Surgical procedure Surgical procedure heterogeneous immunoassay uses magnetically labeled antibodies for detection. The LifeAssays® Feline SAA test kit helps veterinary...

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LifeAssays Feline SAA System LifeAssays Feline SAA System LifeAssays® Feline SAA system consists of a bench-top instrument (LifeAssays® Veterinary Reader), single-use reagent tests and a disposable algorithm chip. All reagent identification data, as well as, a self-executable algorithm is contained on the disposable algorithm chip providing better traceability and improved system control. The chip is inserted into the LifeAssays® Veterinary Reader when a new reagent kit is opened and remains in the reader until the last reagent vial in the kit is disposed of. Thus, reagent/software upgrades...

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“Save time and money by picking up early inflammation and improve the patients health”

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LifeAssays Feline SAA System LifeAssays Feline SAA System One Step Assays for Easy Handling and Quick Turn-Around Time Step 1. Insert the disposable algorithm chip provided with the LifeAssays® Feline SAA Test Kit and turn on the LifeAssays® VetReader. The instrument performs a chip control and displays: “wait 113” The instrument will stabilize for about 10 minutes and display during this time, “Stab T”. Step 2. Once stabilization is complete, the instrument will display, “Feline SAA Tests 20 or 10”. To start a measurement press and hold the enter button. The instrument will display, “wait”...

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