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The-vi-box user manual 1. That’s what you get: a complete vi-box, ready for use. Lift up the blue cover…. 2. … and slide the lid aside, including the blue pump control unit 3. You’ll see a prepared artery and accessories 4. Take away the vessel inlay, the skin colored foam and the grey “bridge” part and pour about 100-200 ml water into the cavity with the 2 pumps, take out the plastic tray with the accessories 5. Connect a red (small/large) connector to an artery inlay or a blue connector to a vein inlay and fix the inlay on top of the skin colored foam, squeeze the end of the vessel downwards through the hole(s). If you work on a Hydrogel tissue, please use a connector on all perfused vessels at the end as well, in order to lead the water downwards to the water reservoir. 6 6. Connect the desired pump (red/blue wire) to the red or blue dotted USB port on the blue control unit and connect the USB plug of the blue control unit to the power bank, press the white button on top of the blue control unit to start the pump. Red colored pumps, connectors and wires should be connected to red colored counterparts for arterial = pulsatile vessels/behaviour. Blue colored parts should be connected to blue counterparts for venous = continuous flow vessels/behaviour. VASCULAR INTERNATIONAL School for Vascular Surgery, Stanserstrasse 111, CH – 6064 Kerns

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7. Move back the larger box lid to close the box (pay attention, that the outgoing wire lies properly in the notch), pull over the blue cover. Now you’re ready to start your procedure/exercise. 8. When you’re finish, take off the used vessel and put the longer silicone tube to a connector and start the pump again to drain the remaining water into an external container. Keep all power parts always dry ! Leave the box open for drying. When dry, put all material back to the box, close the lid and pull over the blue cover to store it until the next use/exercise The power bank, the control unit,...

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