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Safer Mattresses effective pressure ulcer therapy

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every year, million patients are treated for pressure ulcers in the USA

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pressure ulcers — Longer stay in bed is safe — Patient does not suffer further pain — Reduced costs of pressure ulcer treatment — Shorter hospitalisation without pressure ulcer complications — Easy infection control for hospital personnel

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Air2Care - 4

Equipped against pressure LINET is aware of the serious problem of pressure ulcers. Therefore LINET beds and mattresses are equipped with innovative features and original functions that help to effectively combat pressure ulcers. LATEST PRESSURE REMOVAL TECHNOLOGY: — 3 cell technology with variously alternating and zero pressure — Constantly low pressure (CLP) LINET | Safer Mattresses

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Air2Care - 5

ulcers MICROCLIMATE MANAGEMENT (MCM) Removes moisture between the skin and mattress, creates an ideal environment. No pressure builds up in the pelvic area during bed positioning. SANITIZED® ANTIBACTERIAL Treatment – special surface finish of parts of the bed protects the patient. A control unit for setting the mode according to the patient’s needs. LATERAL TILT for effective positioning and pressure shift. of healthcare costs in Europe go towards treating pressure ulcers LINET | Safer Mattresses

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Air2Care - 6

Latest therapy VIRTUOSO A special intensive care solution with a high clinical effect. An alternating system with zero pressure technology is also effective in the prevention and therapy of combating pressure ulcers and for high-risk patients. zero pressure ZERO PRESSURE zero pressure The 3 cell technology works on the principle of alternating zero pressure. Thanks to this it fully removes the action of the pressure particularly in the highest risk parts of the body. The air dynamic pillow ensures effective protection for the patient against pressure ulcers even when sitting in a chair....

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Air2Care - 7

PRECIOSO A flexible anti-decubitus system for daily care. An alternating system effectively combating pressure ulcers. CLP The system automatically maintains the selected pressure value regardless of the changes in the distribution of the patient’s weight or position. This constantly optimises the pressure acting on the skin. LINET | Safer Mattresses

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Air2Care - 8

Perfect interaction SYMBIOSO MCM The new generation of the Symbioso MCM active system combines MicroClimate Management (MCM) and constant low pressure (CLP) therapy which helps protect the patient’s skin against moisture and pressure. In addition, the system is equipped with intelligent function of recommended pressure for a specific patient. All for the effective prevention of pressure ulcers.

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Air2Care - 9

MCM MicroClimate Management (MCM) in combination with the highly vapour permeable mattress cover provides effective prevention of pressure ulcers thanks to direct regulation of moisture between the patient’s skin and the mattress surface. INTELLIGENT PRESSURE RECOMMENDATION The new Symbioso MCM can recommend the right mattress pressure depending on the patient’s weight. The Multicare determines the current weight of the new patient and the system recommends the ideal pressure. The nurse can confirm the recommended value or her own depending on the patient’s individual needs. She can control...

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Air2Care - 10

Effective prevention AIR2CARE The Air2Care system combines effective pressure ulcer prevention with comfort being a versatile solution for long term hospitalized patients, nursing home patients and clients living in residential care. This active prevention system is designed and manufactured in Europe to international quality standards by LINET. Small and silent unit OVERVIEW OF MATTRESS AND ITS FUNCTIONS CPR + alarm system fowler boost transport mode + max inflate microclimate management LINET | Safer Mattresses

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Air2Care - 11

CLINICARE 100 HF The CliniCare 100 HF reactive mattress combines the benefits of passive and active systems and offers effective pressure ulcer prevention to a broad spectrum of hospital care. The foam layer creates better pressure relief as opposed to standard mattresses and the air cells further optimise pressure. Mattress with compressor alternating pressure therapy heel/head zoner cable management system dynamic cushion integrated system LINET | Safer Mattresses

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Air2Care - 12

Safer Mattresses — Easy infection control for hospital staff — Reduced costs of pressure ulcer treatment — Longer stay in bed is safe — Patient does not suffer further pain — Shorter hospitalisation without pressure ulcer complications Members of LINET Group LINET spol. s r.o. Želevčice 5 | 274 01 Slaný | Czech Republic tel.: +420 312 576 400 | fax: +420 312 522 668 | e-mail: | LINET | Art. nº 9631-1017-03 | Edition 11/2015 | Slight colour differences are possible. Change of technical parameters reserved.

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