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AVE 2 - 1

Birthing Bed AVE 2 reddot award 2017 winner Welcome to this world child

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AVE 2 - 2

The journey begins Birthing bed AVE 2 is perfectly suitable for labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum in the childbirth phases, so women in labor and their families can complete normal childbearing feeling like being in their homelike rooms. Attractive and functional design in the first impression. Easy and quick to clean.

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AVE 2 - 3

Extra low 600 mm height adjustment gives additional assurance to woman in labor accessing the bed and therefore it is suitable for labor exercises. Woman in labor can freely choose any position during delivery phase. Maximum height 1050 mm for perfect position during perineal repair. V ER Y Comfortable sleeping matters during recovery phase. With additional and proper accesories the bed can be used also for postpartum period.

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AVE 2 - 5

— Freedom to change a birthing position — Yes to natural childbirth — Maximum safety for baby and woman in labor — Intuitive and easy operation — Hygiene without compromise — Minimum physical effort — Exceptional modern design — Increased level of care — LDR and LDRP concept Management Staff Patient

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AVE 2 - 6

Where mystery happens RETRACTABLE FOOT SECTION Simple swivel mechanism to hide the foot section which is fast and easy for delivery. It remains attached to bed, no storage on the floor means infection prevention and prevention of dorsal injuries from being incurred by the personnel when manipulating with the product.

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AVE 2 - 7

This is the part of the bed, where thanks to technical and innovative solutions you have better work ergonomics and a complex product for the whole procedure. When tilted, the section can be also used as a foot support. By sliding up, you can get the bed quickly into the horizontal position while making use of a high load capacity of the section. This means also using a wide and comfortable area as a mat for a child.

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AVE 2 - 8

Legrests concept The firm conception of leg rests enables the care team to respond very quickly and effectively to different situations which may occur during the delivery. Quick adjustment of the leg rests into the required position. The tray height adjustment for different femur sizes. Side away for easy access of staff to the woman in labor.

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AVE 2 - 9

INDEPENDENT SEAT TILTING The unique oval shape creating space needed for perineal access fits closely to the birthing tub minimizing transfer gaps. HAND GRIPS There is independent motorized pelvic tilt for better coccyx elevation. Increase the comfort of a woman in the second stage of childbirth. Innovative telescopic solution provides extra low height for accessing the bed safely and extra height for treatment. COLUMN CONCEPT

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AVE 2 - 10

Siderails Side rails with control panel easily integrated and hideable when transferring patients from one bed to another. Silent and easy turning with one hand. No additional space needed beside the bed. It serves as support to help patients sit up. SIMPLE CONTROL Integrated control panel with clear pictograms and symbols for woman in labor and nursing staff. Nurses control locking of controlling movements. Controls enabled: 1. High and Tilt Adjustment 2. Trendelenburg Position 3. Lockout Control 4. Under Bed Light (optional) 5. Nurse Call (optional)

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AVE 2 - 11

HYGIENE AND SAFETY High hygienic standard and compact construction of particular sections of the rest area and the plastic cover of the bed base reduce the time needed for the cleaning of the bed. 1. Bacterial static leather 2. Seamless upholstery 3. Compact and separate space 4. Electrostatically painted with epoxy powder coating against corrosion The firm construction of the birthing bed contains no cutting points or sharp edges, which increases the safety of the attending personnel.

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AVE 2 - 13

1. Trendelenburg and CPR 2. Extra battery backup 3. ABS easily disinfect 4. Lockout Control 5. No scissor-lift column system 6. Central brake easy to access 7. Easy transport with directional castor and pushing handles 8. Removable headboard for anesthesiologist (optional) 9. Nurse Call (optional) 10. Tilting holders for IV pole

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AVE 2 - 14

Side lying Semi recumbent position with the feet rested on the leg rests Semi recumbent position with the feet rested on the foot section

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AVE 2 - 15

Half sitting using foot section Epidural procedure Perineal repair Half sitting using leg holders Half sitting with partner assistance

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AVE 2 - 16

Yes to natural childbirths A natural, unmedicated approach to labor and birth will suit best if the woman in labor wishes to remain in control of her body as much as possible, be an active participant throughout the whole labor, and has minimal routine interventions. With proper preparation and support, women often feel empowered and deeply satisfied by natural childbirth. That is why we say YES to the natural childbirth on AVE 2.

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AVE 2 - 17

COLOUR OPTIONS Choose different color versions to meet the style of your individual delivery room interior.

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AVE 2 - 18

Removable Headboard Telescopic infusion stand Remote control Sliding stainless catch basin 4.5l Upper mattress Front holder Nurse Call Euro lath Stainless steel bowl with castors

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AVE 2 - 19

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Total length of the lying area ELECTRIC PARAMETERS Batteries - back-up 980 MM -► STANDARD EQUIPMENT Standard leg rests with leg straps (pair) Battery backup Sliding foot section including the upholstery Seamless mattress with bacterial static leather Electric Trendelenburg and manual CPR Infusion stand holder on both sides of the bed Siderails with controls Fixed panel with controls — Handgrifts (pair) — Castors 150 mm, 1x directional — Central brake — Equipotential coupling — Network cable of one's choice — Choice from standard colour options — Packaging

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AVE 2 - 20

— Hygiene without compromise — Maximum safety for baby and woman in labor — Minimum physical effort — Exceptional modern design — Increased level of care — LDR and LDRP concept LINET spol. s r.o. Želevčice 5  |  274 01 Slaný  |  Czech Republic tel.: +420 312 576 400  |  fax: +420 312 522 668  |  e-mail: info@linet.com  |  www.linet.com LINET  |  Art. nº 9601-1057-01 | Edition Members of LINET Group 12 / 2017  |  Different colour shades possible. Change of technical parameters reserved. — Intuitive and easy operation

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