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Passive mattresses for comfort, safety and hygiene Although pressure injuries can be prevented, up to 4 million people are still suffering worldwide. The most effective weapon is prevention and the selection of a quality mattress is one of the most important preventive measures. pounds spent on pressure injury treatments in the UK.(1) 4 million people in Europe have pressure injuries(2) Pressure redistribution The LINET range of passive mattresses is designed to improve pressure distribution according to the patient’s position and movement. The bottom of the mattress is specially profiled...

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Waterproof and vapour permeable cover The mattress cover is made of a flexible vapourpermeable material with a concealed zip. Up to 95% of pressure injuries are preventable (3) LINET | Passive mattresses

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CliniCare 30 with GELTEX® inside The CliniCare 30 mattress is designed for intensive, acute, and long-term care. The unique and patented GELTEX® inside technology ensures optimum pressure distribution as well as an exceptional level of breathability. Soft but supportive GELTEX® inside GELTEX® is created by a fusion of gel, foam, and air-filled cells. LINET | Passive mattres

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Combination of quality foams and a high frequency welded PU cover Excellent pressure distribution and breathability Profiling construction Supportive foam base with lateral profile cuts to aid smooth bed profiling, as well as a unique hinged profile design to aid profiling at knees and sacrum. Transfer support Firm foam side edges form a support surface to assist in patient transfers and to boost the durability of the mattress when a patient is seated at the edge of the bed. Flip and turn of design The CliniCare 30 mattress has a rotate only design to extend the mattress life, and a...

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Unique GELTEX technology ® GELTEX® inside combines breathability, pressure distribution and body support in a way that can’t be achieved with other materials because of its unique formula with gel properties. Maximum breathability — GELTEX® inside has a uniform, consistent gel infused open cell structure for outstanding breathability, and gently ‘pushes back’ to provide the all-important resilience, and support. — The improved ventilation contributes to both increased patient comfort and to a longer life of the mattress. Soft and supportive — Whereas the body sinks in to experience the...

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CliniCare 20 The CliniCare 20 has a highly conforming visco memory foam support surface that maximizes body contact area, support and patient comfort. — Firm foam strengthens the side edges to assist in patient transfers and boost the durability of the mattress. — Firm supportive foam base layer provides durability. — This mattress has a rotate only design to extend the mattress life, and a nonturn design to promote ease of manual handling. CliniCare 10 The CliniCare 10 has a three foam layer construction providing a unique combination of support and pressure redistribution properties. —...

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PrimaCare 20 The PrimaCare 20 has a combustion modified high resilient (CMHR) foam top layer combined with a higher density and firmer supportive foam base which gives additional durability. — Unique machine-hinged profile design on the base to aid profiling at the knees and sacrum. — A rotate only design to extend the mattress life, and a non-turn design to promote ease of manual handling. PrimaCare 20 B The PrimaCare 20 B is specifically designed for patients who require a higher weight limit in hospital and nursing environments. — Additional total depth of 16 cm to provide additional...

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EfectaCare 20 The mattress consists of a single piece P10 foam core and the upper part is profiled in the patient’s hip area. — The pressure on the patient is optimised during positioning due to cuts in the bottom of the foam core. EfectaCare 10 The mattress consists of a solid block with profiling on both sides of the mattress. This profiling helps to increase ventilation and distribute pressure better. — The profiling is symmetrical along the entire surface of the mattress. This means that the mattress can be flipped as required, and the head and foot can be rotated. As a result the...

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Quality for patients and caregivers The mattress cover is a close fit to the foam core inside, protecting both the mattress and the patient patient’s skin. The cover includes a number of technical features that supports this dual function. Water resistant PU coated or high frequency welded seams. Functional cover — The fabric coating is impregnated with an anti-microbial agent to improve resistance to bacterial growth, including MRSA, fungal growth and house dust mite. — Can be cleaned in situ or laundered — Complies with BS7177:2008 Medium Hazard

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Infection control The advanced technology of the passive mattresses, especially their covers, provide easy cleaning and help with overall maintenance. TESTED QUALITY Modern in-house testing facilities including: — Ignition resistance testing High frequency welded seams and a flap to cover the zip closure protect and increase longevity LINET | Passive mattresses — Physical and fatigue testing for both the component foams and the final composite product — Performance testing at the Recticel Sustainable Innovation Centre in Wetteren, Belg

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Passive mattresses — Support when sitting on the edge of the bed or standing up — Simple and intuitive mattress handling — Easy to clean — Improving the quality of care — Effective prevention can contribute to shorter hospitalization Reference (1) Bennett, G et al: The cost of pressure ulcers in the UK. Age and ageing, 2004; 33: 230 – 235 (2) Health research and educational trust (April, 2017). Hospital acquired pressure ulcers/injuries: 2017. Chicago, IL: Health Research & Educational Truset. Accessed at: (3) EPUAP, Declaration of Rio, 2011 (4) Internal Energy Testing at...

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