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CliniCare 100 HF Hybrid mattress Active and passive system in one

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Active and passive system in one PASSIVE SYSTEM The CliniCare 100 HF hybrid mattress is comfortable and highly efficient for the prevention of pressure injuries. It uses a combination of an active (air) system and a passive (foam) mattress to provide many benefits across the spectrum of hospital care.

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ACTIVE SYSTEM The treatment of pressure injuries is 6× more expensive than prevention.* LINET | CliniCare 100 HF *  EPUAP, Declaration of Rio, October 2011

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LINET’s solution for ICUs, standard departments, longterm units and palliative care. The implemented technology provides a number of benefits to prevent pressure injuries. Intensive care Acute care © Long-term care Up to 95% of pressure injury cases can be avoided with proper prevention.* 4 * EPUAP, Declaration of Rio, October 2011 LINET | CliniCare 100 HF

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Effective pressure redistribution The foam layer of the mattress improves pressure distribution which is further optimized by the active air cell layer according to the patient’s position and movement. Patient comfort The materials for the mattress and cover were carefully selected to maximize patient comfort. Active pressure injury prevention When connected to a compressor, the mattress provides active 2-cell alternating pressure therapy. Microclimate management When the pump is activated there is airflow/circulation in between the cells and the mattress cover which improves the...

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Effective pressure redistribution PASSIVE SYSTEM The CliniCare 100 HF provides pressure redistribution in nonpowered mode by allowing air to move from cell to cell as a reaction to the patient’s body movements and weight. The edge of the mattress The air cells inside the mattress are filled with foam and automatically move air between each other without the attached unit depending on the patient’s position. creates stable support when the patient lies on or leaves the bed. The Visco foam comfort layer is profiled to reduce pressure injuries. It also offers a high level of comfort when lying...

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Patient comfortA viscoelastic foam layer adapts to the body to provide comfort and proper support without exerting pressure on exposed areas. Viscoelastic foam is a type of porous polymer material that conforms in proportion to the applied weight. The air enters and exits the foam cells slowly which allows the material to respond slower than a standard elastic foam (memory foam). Pressure offload for heels. The mattress has a 7° slope that helps to reduce pressure in the vulnerable heel area, which is considered to be a very delicate zone for pressure injury development. PASSIVE SYSTEM

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ACTIVE SYSTEM Pressure injury prevention When a patient’s condition requires active therapy, the mattress can be connected to a compressor for alternating pressure therapy in a 2-cell cycle to enhance and optimize pressure redistribution and pressure injury prevention. The SCU control unit inflates and deflates the air mattress to maintain the set pressure regardless of the patient’s weight distribution and position. CLINICAL By reducing the pressure load, the likelihood of vascular flow is increased and the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues is unhindered. Fully open vessels...

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Alternation of inflating and deflating cells (two-cell system) By alternating the inflation and deflation of the cells, the pressure on the tissue is kept as low as possible for as long as possible. PRESSURE MANAGEMENT PRESSURE RELIEF Reduction of constant high pressure on bone protrusions. Relieves pressure from bone protrusions for a period of time. ENLARGEMENT OF THE CONSTANT AREA ALTERNATING INFLATION AND DEFLATION Microclimate Management In the context of pressure injuries, microclimate usually refers to skin temperature and moisture conditions at the skin support surface interface....

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Beds and mattresses against pressure injuries In addition to the selection of a high-performance anti-decubitus mattress, it is also the choice and use of specific bed features that supports the overall management of care. For example, some LINET beds are equipped with lateral tilt or Ergoframe®. Considering the need to position a patient as a part of the therapeutic procedure in order to prevent and treat pressure injuries undoubtedly represents a physical and time-consuming task for nurses. Lateral tilt is a highly valued function for patients that are immobile, require daily care, or are...

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Ergoframe® When Ergoframe® is engaged, the back and legrest of the bed platform move away from each other, creating an additional extra space under the patient’s pelvis. The pressure applied on the buttocks is better redistributed and the risk of pressure injury development is reduced. In addition to this, elevating the back and leg rests at the same time minimizes undesired sliding motions towards the foot end and the unavoidable friction forces that contribute to pressure injury development. B Passive mattressmattress CliniCare 30 Passive CliniCare 30 Passive mattressmattress CliniCare 30...

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CliniCare 100 HF — Helps in the daily care of risky patients — Optimal patient comfort — Saves the hospital staff time — Increases the quality of medical care — Minimizes risk to patients — Hospitals save money — Effective prevention shortens a patient’s stay in the hospital References (1) European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (EPUAP) and National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP), Prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers: quick reference quide. Emily Haesler (ed) Perth, Australia, Cambridge Media; 2014 NICE Pressure ulcers: prevention and management.2014

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