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Eleganza 1 NEW - 1

excellent solution for economical reasons

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Eleganza 1 NEW - 3

— Ergoframe® reduces the pressure load — Easy mobilisation — Available with a number of controls — Soft drop function of siderails — Easy clean concept — Safety features such as the Extender or Protector — Low TCO – total cost of ownership — Universal bed for a low price — Overload protection

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Eleganza 1 NEW - 4

COMFORT FOR EVERYONE The bed accommodates hospitalised overweight or taller patients. — Robust construction. — Safe working load 180-250 kg. — Mattress platform width 90 cm. — Possible bed extension by 15 cm. — Split plastic siderails with soft drop function. CONTROLS WITHIN REACH Several clear and easy to use controls are immediately at the patient’s disposal. Handset to control the bed positions can also come with a back lit keyboard. Satellite control panel comes on a flexible arm and is easy to access, the buttons are embossed for vision impaired patients. Controls in the siderails are...

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Eleganza 1 NEW - 5

system extends the mattress platform in the pelvic area and reduces the pressure load on the tissues in this region when a patient is positioned in the cardiac chair position. EASIER MOBILISATION The mattress platform is equipped with an integrated holder for the which assisted helps with patient mobilisation.

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Eleganza 1 NEW - 6

Safety first SAFE SIDERAILS The bed can be equipped with soft drop function of split plastic siderails. The safety of the split plastic siderails is guaranteed by a system of two independent unlocking movements. — The single ¾ siderail controls are located ergonomically for the first time at the top of the siderail. — The siderails are lowered using the soft drop function which applies a gas spring to soften the effect of the siderail´s movement. THE UNIQUE PROTECTOR The use of the Protector enables protection along the entire length of the -52 -2-52 601-2 0601 mattress platform. The...

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Eleganza 1 NEW - 7

SAFE Plus CONCEPT BETTER PROTECTION In some cases it is appropriate to provide the patient with a higher level of protection. An easy-to-assemble extension piece makes the siderail 10 cm higher. The Extender is especially recommended when using an active mattress – up to 26.5 cm height. GO BUTTON The green GO button activate the bed control units for a period of 3 minutes from when last pushed.

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Eleganza 1 NEW - 8

Easy clean concept

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Eleganza 1 NEW - 9

PLASTIC MATTRESS PLATFORM The mattress platform consists of eight separate removable plastic parts and is produced to make bed hygiene very easy and fast. JOINT-FREE TECHNOLOGY The latest technology is used during the manufacture of individual parts to minimise the space where unwanted infections may hide. Entrapment prevention.

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Eleganza 1 NEW - 11

5th CASTOR The activated 5th castor makes transfer through long corridors easier. Creating a turning point in the middle of the bed, it allows for tight turns, also providing significant reduction in the force needed to turn the bed. SUPERVISOR CONTROL PANEL The panel has a coiled cable providing flexibility of movement and operation of the bed from an optimum position. CENTRAL CONTROL PANEL The panel for the control and deactivation of the functions is located under the foot end and is integrated into the bed frame. FOOT CONTROLS The controls allow the practical and easy adjustment of the...

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Eleganza 1 NEW - 12

The Eleganza 1 Extra SAFE offers a high quality standard of hospital bed. Thanks to the modifications it is suitable for specific departments such as psychiatric, prison hospital, mental health etc. Cardiac chair The position can be set by pressing a single button. The Ergofram©® system extends the mattress platform in the pelvic area and reduces the pressure load on the tissues in this region when a patient is positioned in the cardiac chair position. Basic equipment of Eleganza 1 Extra SAFE * * Unlike the standard Eleganza 1 version

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Eleganza 1 NEW - 13

FIXED PARTS The entire bed and its panels are firmly installed and the mattress platform parts are also fixed. All smaller parts of the bed, such as the hooks on the accessory bar, are secured. CABLE PROTECTION The power supply cable is hidden in a lockable box with easy and practice key (Segufix key). SEGUFIX KEY The Segufix is compatible, and the operator does not need any additional keys. FIXED VERSION A bed in a version without castors can be fixed to the floor.

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Eleganza 1 NEW - 15

In its nursing-care version the Eleganza 1 increases the quality of longterm care. The function and properties fully comply with the needs of nursing homes and long-term and after-care facilities. WOODEN DECORS The colour scheme of the bed is highly variable and fully conforms to the environment of the specific facility. By choosing his own design and version the customer will acquire a functional and totally individual model. Eleganza 1 with full-length siderails.

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Eleganza 1 NEW - 16

COST-EFFECTIVE VERSION The Eleganza 1 LE bed construction is the same as the classic Eleganza 1 model: lift, maximum load, undercarriage including all versions of castors and brakes, mattress platform and ends. It also comes with either single collapsible siderails or split plastic siderails. The bed’s control unit is simpler.

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Eleganza 1 NEW - 17

The simplified version of the Eleganza 1 LE bed offers high functionality at a more affordable price. — Bed can be equipped with a Plug and Play handset. — 1 lever of mechanical CPR (possible upgrade for standard 2 levers). BED CONTROL The Eleganza 1 LE is equipped with a simpler control unit, so the bed can be controlled by a single handset. A simple handset controls the electrical positioning and height setting. — With mechanical lock. — 8 or 10 buttons (two buttons for tilting into the TR/ATR position). Eleganza 1 LE nursing version. A more affordable version of the non-tilting electric...

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Eleganza 1 NEW - 18

Removable bed ends can be fixed to the mattress platform frame with simple eccentric locks. Horizontal corner bumpers protect the bed. Mattress platform is easily removable and cleanable and is compatible with 86 or 90 cm mattresses. 2 1 Linen shelf may also be used to store the supervisor panel. Mechanical CPR – additional option for electrical CPR urgent use

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