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The Eleganza 3 bed has a positive effect on the treatment and recovery of patients and ensures the work of acute care staff is more effective and easier with the help of unique functional features. The modern hospital bed is far more than just a passive platform on which to place a patient. The Eleganza 3 bed provides innovative solutions that will actively support treatment and nursing procedures helping provide a higher quality of care ensuring the patient has a comfortable stay in hospital.

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Enhanced safety concept The Eleganza 3 bed offers a high level of safety for patients in intensive care. The protective system involves a key safety element – siderails, which allows adjustment depending on the individual needs of the patients. The safety concept is complemented by a further unique function such as the automatic I-Brake. [01] VARIABLE SIDERAIL CONCEPT FOR INDIVIDUAL CARE The unique siderail system optimises care and provides protection depending on the risk rate and the patient’s current condition. If the patient is indicated as being confused and high risk of fall, the...

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Effective prevention of pressure ulcers THE ELEGANZA 3 | contains a complex of functions and construction features which prevent pressure ulcers and contribute to their easier treatment. One of these preventive elements is the kinematic mattress platform called the Ergoframe®. An integral part of the antidecubital measure on the bed is also the range of active mattresses developed and manufactured by LINET. ERGOFRAME® The Eleganza 3 mattress platform is equipped with the Ergoframe® system which extends the space when positioning the bed in the risk parts (pelvic and sacral area) and...

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Active anti-decubitus systems Active mattresses also play an important role in prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. LINET offers its own range of Virtuoso active mattresses with the zero pressure concept. The mattress is designed for patients in intensive care and for long-term recumbent patients. [01] 3 CELL SYSTEM WITH ZERO PRESSURE The structure of the Virtuoso mattress is designed for beds with a 4-section mattress platform. The new 3 cell concept completely removes the effects of pressure on the highest risk parts. It works on the principle of alternating pressure in individual...

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Speedy convalescence TIMELY AND SAFE MOBILISATION | is crucial for the convalescence of patients. The Eleganza 3 is equipped with an integrated system of elements allowing individual stages of mobilisation from sitting the patient up in the bed, breathing exercises to the verticalisation of the patient. The Mobi-Lift® mobilising handles are part of the mattress platform of the Eleganza 3 bed and provide stable support when exiting or sitting on the bed. There is an integrated button in the handle by which the patient can set the bed to the appropriate height. Mobilisation is also supported...

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Support for nurses THE NURSING PROFESSION | is one of the most demanding in terms of physical effort. The Eleganza 3 bed is designed to make work easier for nurses and hospital staff. Each of the bed’s functions facilitates nursing procedures and daily routine work, while the bed’s ergonomic and intuitive controls also contribute to this. [01] EASY TRANSPORT The manoeuvrable features of the Eleganza 3 bed are optimised by the fth castor on the undercarriage which makes it signicantly easier to steer the bed in places with lack of space, stabilises the direction of travel and makes it easier...

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Controls system The set of controls allow nurses to handle the Eleganza 3 bed effectively and ergonomically. The patient can control some functions which contribute to their independence and good psychical welfare. [03] SIDERAIL CONTROL The control is located in the siderail so it is easily accessible to the patient and adjusts the bed to its basic positions. [04] SUPERVISOR PANEL The Supervisor panel is ergonomically shaped and its clear graphic design is userfriendly. It contains a number of functions including 5-position memory — CPR, Trendelenburg, cardiac chair, mobilising position,...

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Infection control The basis of effective prevention of hospital infections is excellent hygiene and disinfection of all surfaces in the hospital ward and the bed itself. The simple construction and use of joint-free technology with the manufacture of plastic components makes easy decontamination of the Eleganza 3 possible. [01] COLUMN CONSTRUCTION The basis of easy hygiene is the bed’s column construction. The columns consist of smooth aluminium sections without difcult to clean gaps and joints. The construction allows access to all parts of the bed. [02] JOINT-FREE TECHNOLOGY The bed’s...

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Bed specication [01] BED END WITH CONSTANT HEIGHT The removable end with its xed height allows quick and easy access to the head, neck and chest of the patient. The split siderails provide the patient with protection against a fall and act as support during mobilisation. [03] MOBI-LIFT® SUPPORT HANDLES The Mobi-Lift® support handles make patient mobilisation more effective and safer. The handles can be slid under the mattress platform. [04] ERGOFRAME® MATTRESS PLATFORM The Ergoframe® mattress platform forms the basis of ergonomic positioning. [05] SUPERVISOR CONTROL PANEL The bed can be set...

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[07] CONTROLS IN THE SIDERAILS The controls in the siderails increase the patient’s selfreliance. [08 ] FIFTH CASTOR The fth castor makes it easy to manoeuvre the bed especially in places with lack of open space. [09] BED EXTENSION The bed’s integrated extension makes it possible to adjust the length of the mattress platform to the individual height of the patient. The linen shelf can also be used to store the Supervisor panel. [11] END LOCKS The bed end locks prevent the ends from being pulled out accidentally when steering or manoeuvring the bed in a different way. [12] FOOT CONTROLS The...

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