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bonsigna Corpus Furniture

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“In old age you learn many things that you did not want to understand in your youth.“ Karl Julius Weber Changes in personal surroundings hide many challenges, particularly for elderly people and those in need of care. Supporting the desires and needs of people under nursing supervision is a clearly defined objective of wissner-bosserhoff. The focus of a quality atmosphere is provided by the home – whether this be a person’s own home or in a nursing home – that is, the place where people can be themselves and create their own personal space. With the bonsigna corpus furniture programme,...

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02 Previous page Nursing home room with estetica G09 nursing home bed with bedside cabinet vt 2 and serving tray s3, supplemented by a one-person cabinet and the S1 desk from the bonsigna I programme and seating furniture from the belforma programme. 01 bonsigna I as a spacesaving built-in wardrobe. 02 Handles – matching the design of the nursing home bed – promote effective fall prevention in the resident’s room. Page right for a feeling of wellbeing, additional storage space and comfort are provided by a desk, pictured here with the AL-B armchair in “gold-red alder“. “What would have...

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“ It is much more valuable to always have the respect of people than to occasionally be admired by them.“ Jean-Jacques Rousseau With great care, and with the greatest functionality in mind, furniture was created with bonsigna that flexibly does justice to everyday nursing requirements. With simple, high-quality details, bonsigna II brings value and cosiness into the resident’s room, without ignoring economic components. Wardrobes and dressers, with effective border technology in graceful rounded profile or quarter circle design ensure individuality and style. In addition, a variety of...

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The bonsigna II corpus furniture range has a selected spectrum of pleasing effects. The rounded dresser top edge profile functions as an effective design and style element in harmony with the bonsigna II wardrobes and the "vivo" bedside cabinet series. Drawers and doors in various formats ensure individuality. The attractive and functional highlight of the dresser range: A wall-mounted dresser with user-friendly pull-out drawers adapted to the elderly, providing extra floor space that is easy to clean.

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wardrobes bonsigna I for one or two residents The two-person wardrobes of the bonsigna programme offer the resident a large compartment with clothes rails and a hat shelf, as well as three shelves for linen. Since the wardrobes can be locked, the private sphere is maintained even when two people use the wardrobe. The corpus furniture range bonsigna comprises one- and twoperson wardrobes in the widths of 1.00 -1.50m. The one-person wardrobe basic with a width of 1.00m can be chosen optionally in a 1/3-2/3 or 1/2-1/2 division. If more space is needed the one-person wardrobe comfort, with a...

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03 05 Desk S1 with four drawers and two heightadjustable metal legs 06 Dresser K2 with four continuous pull-out trays 07 Dresser K1 with two drawers and two doors 08 Dresser K3 with four pull-out trays and two doors With straight lines and without frills, the bonsigna I displays a convincing simplicity and value. The wardrobe variation without a top edge is particularly suitable for recesses. Alternatively a straight border element can be chosen to provide optical enhancement. Top edges and borders are equipped with a durable and high-quality ABS finish. 01 Wardrobe with ABS border and...

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For an atmosphere of well-being as at home, the corpus furniture range bonsigna II is available. This is provided not only by borders in quarter-circle and rounded profile designs, but also by the rounded border elements matching the bedside cabinet and nursing home bed series. Depending on the space needed, one-person wardrobes are available in the comfort and basic versions. Comfort wardrobes are equipped with open shelves and pull-out drawers, or with three doors. Optionally an integrated valuables compartment, shoe compartment or integrated lighting can be chosen, as well as three...

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dressers and deskbonsignall The round design elements of the bonsigna II immediately bring a recognisable elegance and atmosphere into the resident's room. Aluminium legs ensure a modern design and provide ground clearance. The interior also proves to be particularly practical. For shoes and personal belongings, drawers accessible from above provide ample storage space and are easy to handle for the resident. Optionally integrated lighting elements provide an overview and a better orientation. 01 Wardrobe in rounded top edge and quarter-circle design 02 Wardrobe in rounded top edge and...

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furnishings and accessories bonsigna I and II 04 Segmented bow handles, drilling size 128 mm (standard) 05 Ergonomically shaped design handles, drilling size 192 mm (optional) Options Thanks to its extensive options, the bonsigna corpus furniture programme can be customised to individual tastes. A lockable compartment for valuables is provided for the resident, and high-quality pull-out trays can be chosen for shoes and basic personal commodities. Various handles for the wardrobe fronts make them easier to access and give the wardrobe an individual design. 06 An (optional) valuables...

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One-person wardrobe basic comfort Two-person wardrobe Dresser, Desk Wall panel 70-0082 12 cm thick wall panel with straight border element W 170cm, H 112cm, D 12cm Without border element Design handles Straight border element / top edge (option) Pull-out tray inside 70-0091 Narrow wall panel with round profile top part W 170cm, H 112cm, D 2,5cm Quarter-circle design Stack cabinet for 2- and 3-door wardrobes 2-door W 100cm, H 45cm, D 60cm 3-door W 150cm, H 45cm, D 60cm Hand rail 70-0090 Desk S1 W 130cm, H 75cm, D 65cm Round profile design Quality and safety: The quality and safety management...

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Concept and Design sieger design Photography Studio Casa & René Schwerdtel Print msp druck und medien Edition 11/2009, Rev.3, Art.-Nr.: 97-0494 wissner-bosserhoff Slight deviations in colour are possible. Technical changes reserved.

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