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Prevention of pulmonary complications AUTOMATIC LATERAL THERAPY (ALT®) | Lack of movement puts patients in critical and intensive care units in danger of a number of medical complications. Reduction of the residual pulmonary capacity, atelectasis and pneumonia are serious medical complications that affect the respiratory tract of longterm immobile patients. The positioning of the patient plays an important preventative role here. REFERENCES 1. Dodek P. et al.: Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for the prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia. Ann Intern Med. 2004 Aug...

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Safe X-raying Automatic weighing RADIODIAGNOSTICS IN THE BED | The risk of internal bleeding associated with serious injuries to the skeleton and soft organs or the condition following a major surgery can mean a strict contra-indication for any movement of the patient. X-ray examination of the chest without a prepared technical solution becomes a hard-to-resolve task under these conditions. PATIENT WEIGHT | Knowledge of the weight of a patient in critical condition can greatly simplify a number of important decisions. In the acute phase, this can involve, for example, an exact drug dosage....

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Comfortable control MULTIBOARD® | Most of the activity connected with critical care is concentrated in the area around the head and chest of the patient. The vital functions of the patient are secured in this area and most of the medical devices are controlled from the head end. The usefulness of the location of the MultiBoard® control element lies in the fact that it ensures easy access to the patient, to the important medical devices and to the main controller of the bed from a single place. [01] CARE WITHIN THE REACH The Multiboard® is oriented so that its horizontal surface clearly...

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Easier breathing ORTHOPNEIC POSITION | The orthopneic chair® position created by the Ergoframe® mattress platform is intended mainly for patients with resting dyspnea, facilitating respiration. It combines a high Fowler’s position, pressure reduction in the abdominal area for easier deep breathing and foot support, allowing the use of additional breathing muscles. [01] ORTHOPNEIC CHAIR® [a] Position sitting up [b] Supported feet [c] Supported arms [d] Low pressure in the abdominal area [a] DEEP BREATHING Regression of the back and thigh section reduces the pressure in the area of the pelvis...

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Less Effort Nursing is one of the professions with the highest risk of back pain. This is usually caused by the strain endured during positioning of heavy patients while providing care. Lateral tilt of the bed can help signicantly in these situations. Work becomes much easier with automatic bed function, which also reduces the potential risk of human error. [01] I-BRAKE® The I-Brake® automatic brake is activated after 10 seconds if the bed remains unbraked and is plugged in. It protects against uncontrolled movement, impacts and falls caused by leaning on an unbraked bed. The I-Drive®...

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Excellent safety The design of the siderails meets the most modern safety requirements. The siderails are among the highest in the industry, with greater physical endurance and longer life. New, double-position locks are standard and the siderails also meet the minimum gap requirements.. [01] HEIGHT OF THE SIDERAILS The siderails cover the body of the patient from the area of the knees to the head and thus protect the patient against a possible fall. The parameters of the siderails make the bed compatible with both active and passive mattresses up to height of 23 cm. The concept of minimal...

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Complex prevention of pressure ulcers Pressure ulcers are a complication that can be prevented. Careful positioning of the patient, reduction of pressure on the soft tissues and reduction of shear forces during changes in the position of the bed are key aspects that the Multicare® bed provides for prevention of pressure ulcers. [01] ERGOFRAME® The shape of the Ergoframe® surface acts preventatively against pressure ulcers by reducing shear and friction forces acting on the patient during a change in the position of the bed. It also reduces the pressure acting in the area of the pelvis and...

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ALT® (AUTOMATIC LATERAL THERAPY) — ALT® control screen on the Multiboard® LCD touchscreen — kit of stabilizing pads — holder of ventilator circuit — footside ALT® barriers ADVANCED WEIGHING SYSTEM — integrated scales controlled through the LCD touchscreen with graphical presentation of weight history — absolute values and measurement of weight changes — value-freezing function — bed exit alarm X-RAY — X-ray cassette holder — X-ray cassette shelf — X-ray cassette anti-crush switch off ADDITIONAL CONTROLS — foot control for lateral tilt of 15° — foot control for adjusting the height and...

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Effective maintenance and service INFECTION CONTROL MAINTENANCE For easy cleaning and decontamination, the bed has a minimal number of small parts, plastic parts are smooth with no ssures, sealed column construction prevents contaminated liquids from leaking into the motors. INTELLIGENT BED The brain of the Multicare® bed is an inner electronic system controlled by several microprocessors. It guards the safety of bed operations, analyzes working situations, controls automatic systems and provides for communication with the Linis® information system. Lůžko Multicare® The bed is able to...

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This project was realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic as part of the national budget 24 Želevčice 5, 274 01 Slaný, Czech Republic tel.: +420 312 576 111, fax: +420 312 522 668, e-mail:,

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