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The Multicare LE® bed offers an optimal solution to problems during hospitalisation in critical and intensive care units. The safety of the patient, support of vital functions, prevention of pressure ulcers, lung complications and suitable working conditions for the staff are subjects to which the Multicare LE® responds by its progressive attributes.

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Integrated safety concept The Multicare LE® bed is designed for hospitalised critically ill patients while ensuring the safety of patients with various risks. The bed offers the patient protection concept which removes the risk of a fall and other bed-related injuries. The key element of the safety system is the siderails which provide protection based on the individual needs of each patient. Further sophisticated bed elements monitor the patient’s safety – the automatic I-Brake and multi-zone Bed Exit Alarm. [01] VARIABLE SIDERAIL SYSTEM FOR INDIVIDUAL ADJUSTMENT The unique siderail...

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[04] FALL PREVENTION AT THE LATERAL TILT Electronic sensors prevent the activation of the lateral tilt if the siderails are not in the safety position. [05] I-BRAKE Coming as part of the basic bed equipment the automatic I-Brake minimises the risks that may arise if the bed brake is not on. If the bed remains unbraked and is connected to the mains the I-Brake is automatically activated a minute later. [06] NURSE CALL The nurse call function prevents any dangerous situations by calling for the nurse’s prompt assistance in urgent cases of patient care.

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Serving nurses NURSING IS A PROFESSION | that comes with a high risk of injury and back pain. The main cause is handling heavy loads – patients. The bed’s sophisticated functions can make these procedures signicantly easier. [01] LATERAL TILT The lateral tilt turns the patient on his/her side with minimum physical effort. This function signicantly reduces the physical strain of nurses when handling the patient and removes the risk of work injury and back pain. It saves the time required for performing routine nursing work, provides more effective prevention of pressure ulcers and helps...

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Easier breathing THE PRIORITY OF THE ICU AND ACUTE CARE | is to support vitally important functions – respiration and heart activity. The Multicare LE® bed facilitates their monitoring, contributes to easier respiration and supports the prevention of serious health complications affecting the respiration tract. [01] LATERAL TILT TO PREVENT PULMONARY COMPLICATIONS One of the important tasks of the ICU is the prevention of VAP (Ventilator Associated Pneumonia). The lateral tilt plays a particularly important role in this prevention. The right to left tilt results in the migration of uids from...

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Complex prevention of pressure ulcers Pressure ulcers are a complication that can be avoided. Careful positioning of the patient, reduction of pressure on the soft tissues and restriction of shear forces in changes in the bed’s position are key aspects that the Multicare LE® bed provides for prevention of pressure ulcers. [01] ERGOFRAME® The Multicare LE® mattress platform is equipped with the Ergoframe® system which respects the natural movement of the human body during positioning and acts as prevention against pressure ulcers in the pelvic and sacral area. The Ergoframe® extends the...

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Support of patient mobilisation Effective cost management THE IMMOBILITY OF PATIENTS | causes a number of secondary complications and is an obstacle for speedy convalescence. The integrated system of functions of the Multicare LE® bed facilitates the mobility of patients and provides safe area for mobilisation. The Multicare LE® bed provides maximum functionality in nursing practice, but also helps to make patient care costs more effective and reduces additional service and maintenance investments. The Mobi-lift® ergonomic mobilisation handles form part of the bed’s mattress platform and...

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Infection control Up to 30% of hospital infections can be avoided by suitable prevention. The construction and materials used to manufacture the Multicare LE® bed allow easy and effective maintenance of all exposed surfaces. [05] COLUMN CONSTRUCTION The columns consist of smooth aluminium sections and the surface is treated so as little dirt as possible sticks to it. The sealing in the supporting columns prevents liquids from leaking inside the column and electric motor. The construction allows unlimited access to all parts of the bed. [06] JOINT-FREE TECHNOLOGY The smooth surfaces of the...

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Innovation for greater efciency The bed’s integrated function makes the work of hospital staff easier, increases the safety and efciency of the work. The simple controls and maintenance enhances the efciency of the nursing profession. [01] INTEGRATED SCALES The advanced weighing system integrated into the Multicare LE® bed is capable of calculating the exact weight of the patient in all bed positions. This yields not just the current value of the patient’s weight, but also displays the changes in the weight over time. The system contains the “freeze” function, enabling addition or removal...

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is the main control element of the bed used to control all the bed functions. [02] ERGOFRAME® MATTRESS PLATFORM works preventively against the development of pressure ulcers and in the orthopneic position to facilitate breathing. [03] INTEGRATED PATIENT CONTROL [08] FOOT CONTROLS For setting the height and lateral tilt of the bed. system of automatic braking of the bed. [10] SIDE HOLDER of small accessories. accessible in both the lying and sitting position. [11] MANUAL CPR POSITION ADJUSTMENT CONTROL for adjusting the backrest of the mattress platform. can be adjusted by the electric motor...

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Želevčice 5, 274 01 Slaný, Czech Republic tel.: +420 312 576 111, fax: +420 312 522 668, e-mail:, 16

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