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Prevention of pulmonary complications with automatic lateral therapy AUTOMATIC LATERAL THERAPY (ALT®) | Lack of movement puts patients in critical and intensive care units in danger of a number of medical complications. Reduction ofthe residual pulmonary capacity, atelectasis and pneumonia are serious medical complications that affect the respiratory tract of long-term immobile patients. The positioning ofthe patient plays an important preventative role here. 1. Dodek P. et al.: Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for the prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia. Ann Intern...

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X-raying without patient manipulation RADIODIAGNOSTICS IN THE BED | The risk of internal bleeding associated with serious injuries to the skeleton and soft organs or the condition following a major surgery can mean a strict contra- indication for any movement of the patient. X-ray examination of the chest without a prepared technical solution becomes a hard-to- resolve task underthese conditions. CASSETTE TRAY The lateral X-ray cassette holder enables safe imaging of the chest without needing to reposition the with a sliding cassette system for exact placement under the patient and enables...

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A utomatic weighing system (AWS) PATIENT WEIGHT  |  Knowledge of the weight of a patient in critical condition can greatly simplify a number of important decisions. In the acute phase, this can involve, for example, an exact drug dosage. In the long term, historical information about the patient’s weight will assist staff in visualizing the current state of nutrition and provide information on the fluid balance1. [01] WEIGHING The Automatic Weighing System integrated into the Multicare® bed is capable of calculating the exact weight of the patient in all bed positions. This yields not only...

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Comfortable control MULTIBOARD® | Most of the activity connected with critical care is concentrated in the area around the head and chest of the patient. The usefulness ofthe location of the MultiBoard® control element lies in the fact that it ensures easy access to the patient, to the important medical devices and to the main controller ofthe bed from that its horizontal surface clearly indicates adjustment ofthe within reach ofthe patient in the lying and sitting position. f 4 by a plug and play connector and can be placed anywhere around LED light for convenience during FOOT CONTROL...

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Easierbreathing ORTHOPNEICPOSITION | Theorthopneicchair®position createdbytheErgoframe®mattressplatformisintendedmainlyfor patientswithrestingdyspnea,facilitatingrespiration.Itcombines ahighFowler’sposition,pressurereductionintheabdominalarea foreasierdeepbreathingandfootsupport,allowingtheuseof additionalbreathingmuscles. [01]ORTHOPNEICCHAIR® [a]Positionsittingup [b]Supportedfeet [c]Supportedarms [d]Lowpressureinthe abdominalarea [a] DEEPBREATHING Regressionofthebackandthigh sectionreducesthepressure intheareaofthepelvisand abdomenfacilitatingdeep diaphragmaticrespiration....

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Mobi-Lift®- Active Patient mobilization Patient immobility is one of the major complications of recovery. Immobility affects an average of 5-10% patients in acute care departments. In some branches (neurology orthopaedics) temporary immobility can effect 30% of patients. The Multicare bed is perfectly adapted to patient mobilization and helps eliminate the risks associated with mobilization. The Multicare contains an integrated system of mobilizing features which makes patients' mobility easier and provides a feeling of security when ambulating or transferring. ■ Saves the patient's energy...

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Less Effort Nursing is one of the professions with the highest risk of back pain. This is usually caused by the strain endured during positioning of heavy patients while providing care. Lateral tilt of the bed can help significantly in these situations. Work becomes much easier with automatic bed function, which also reduces the potential risk of human error. The l-Brake® automatic brake is activated after 10 seconds if is plugged in. It protects against uncontrolled movement, impacts and falls caused by leaning on an The l-Drive® System controls retracted. It does not obstruct underpass...

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[04] Respiration physiotherapy Lateral tilt of the bed can facilitate performance of the techniques of respiration physiotherapy. For effective postural drainage of the chest, lateral tilt can be advantageously combined with the Trendelenburg position, provided that there are no contra-indications for this position. [05] Linen changes Making the bed, daily hygiene and other nursing duties on an unconscious patient require substantial physical strength and are frequently performed with the cooperation of several medical staff. A lateral tilt of 15°facilitates turning the patient on his/her...

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Excellent safety MULTIPROTECT SIDERAILS I Minimum gap concept of side rails prevents the risk of patient entrapment and meets the newest legislative demands. Siderails are equipped with the intuitive and safe locking mechanism. The siderails cover the body of the patient from the area of the knees to the head and thus protect the patient against a possible fall. The parameters of the siderails make the bed compatible with both active and passive The concept of minimal gaps reduces the risk of injury by pinching of the patient between the moving parts of [a] During back rest adjustment, the...

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Complexpreventionofpressureulcers Pressureulcersareacomplicationthatcanbeprevented.Carefulpositioningof thepatient,reductionofpressureonthesofttissuesandreductionofshearforces duringchangesinthepositionofthebedarekeyaspectsthattheMulticare®bed assistsinthepreventionofpressureulcers. [01]ERGOFRAME® TheshapeoftheErgoframe®surfaceacts preventativelyagainstpressureulcersby reducingshearandfrictionforcesactingon thepatientduringachangeinthepositionof thebed.Italsoreducesthepressureactingin theareaofthepelvisandsacralarea. [02]LATERALTILT Repositioningthepatientusinglateral...

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