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Sprint - 1

basic configuration Sprint stretcher The Sprint stretcher allows treatment of patient easily and quickly. The diagnostics is facilitated by possibility of X-ray examination directly on the stretcher. X-Ray examination models 2-part mattress platform, tiltable backrest 0°- 70°. Adjustable height of mattress platform. Collapsible siderails with plastic handrail. 4 castors with a 200 mm diameter, centrally operated. Equipotentially bonded. Protective corner bumpers and plastic bars around the whole perimeter. TR/ATR.. tilting, indicator of the tilt. Integrated horizontal oxygen bottle holder with securing belt. Stacking space on undercarriage. 4 holders for infusion rod, 4 for other accessories, 4 holders for drainage bags, holders for restraining belts. Sprint Transport Sprint for C-arm scanning Mattress platform is translucent for X-rays Sprint for C-arm scanning and X-ray photography Mattress platform is translucent for X-rays. Stretcher is equipped with holder of X-ray cassette. options 5th castor, lockable in a directional position for easier stretcher handling. Retractable handrail placed at the foot and/or head end of the stretcher. Foldable telescopic infusion rod with two hooks (can be placed in every corner of the stretcher). Standardized stainless-steel rails which can be attached under both ends of the stretcher. Thanks to the holder it is possible to attach the cassette to backrest. X-ray casstte holder can be slid under the entire mattress platform. Range of examination The X-ray photography by the help of transportable X-ray device is possible to use the whole length of mattress platform thanks to the holder of X-ray cassette. This way is possible to sciagraph also the head of the patient. During the C-arm diagnostics is the patient´s body accessible from the neck to a lower part of legs. Lengthwise gauges on the stretcher frame make the positioning of the cassette easier. Possibility of X-ray scanning directly on the stretcher accelerates the diagnostics. Using the 5th castor makes the handling with Sprint easier. Telescopic infusion rod is possible to fold under the level of the mattress platform. sprint mattress There are three types of special mattress designed for the Sprint stretcher. The materials used meet the requirements for durability and easy cleaning. Sprint Standard Thickness 6 cm. Antistatic cover is waterproof and washable, zipper is covered. Mattress core is made from HR foam with reduced flammability. Sprint Plus Thickness 6 cm. Antistatic cover is waterproof and washable. Mattress contains special slide-out mats for easier patient transfer. Mattress core is made from HR foam with reduced flammability. Sprint Comfort Thickness 10 cm. Antistatic cover is waterproof and washable. Core is made from combination of visco-elastic and HR foam with reduced flammability. Thickness of the mattress brings more comfort to the patient. universal transport stretcher Mattress Sprint Plus contains special plastic mats for facilitating the transfer of the patient. Technical parameters C-arm diagnostics The C-arm can be used for various examination procedures on Emergency, e.g. inserting temporary intra-cardial stimulation or catheterization. Thanks to a translucent mattress platform is possible to examine the patient without further manipulation. Column frame of the undercarriage and wide range of height adjustment make the handling with C-arm easier. Basic configuration Column construction of the undercarriage facilitates the handling with C-arm. Outer dimensions Mattress platform Siderails height above mattress platform Siderails length Mattress platform height adjustment Backrest tilt TR/ATR tilt Castors diameter Safe working load (SWL) 75,5 x 205 cm 65 x 192 cm 40 cm 140 mm 58,5 – 90,5 cm 0° – 70° 12° / 12° 200 mm 230 kg LINET spol. s r.o., Želevčice 5, 274 01 Slaný, Czech Republic tel.: +420 312 576 111, fax: +420 312 522 668, e-mail: info @ linet.cz, www.linet.com 6/2010 9601-1010 Thanks to the possibility of X-ray scanning on the stretcher the time necessary for diagnostics is reduced. Seriously injured patient cannot be easily transferred to X-ray table. Sprint in version for X-ray examination is equipped with X-ray cassette holder that can be slid under the entire mattress platform. Mattress platform is made from the material that is translucent for X-rays. X-ray cassette holder can be slid out at both ends of the stretcher without tilting the backrest. mattress X–ray examination Sprint stretcher health–care program

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Sprint - 2

Prompt and easy adjustment control Unique mattress Easy transport X-ray examination on the stretcher Mattress platform two-sectionaldesign. Adjustment of the backrest in a range 0° – 70°. The universal transport stretcher Sprint is intended for prompt and safe transport of the patient. Sprint provides the possibility to perform a diagnosis and treatment of the patient with a critical health condition directly on the stretcher. This designate Sprint to the severe conditions during the urgent admission of patients. The design of Sprint was developed with reference to ergonomics and...

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