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A state-of-the art children’s bed for patients of pre-school age must  be safe and be able to provide excellent access for nursing staff. The  electric positioning of TOM 2 children’s bed responds to these and  further demands in its original concept of telescopic siderails, column  construction mechanism and above standard safety parameters. 2

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The Eleganza 2 pushes the boundaries of safety standards, quality of workmanship  and design. It is the first bed, and so defines the genuinely modern bed. It contains  all sophisticated functions, including “smart” properties and is also accessible for  the broad spectrum of healthcare. The Eleganza 2 is a practical and beautiful bed.  Thanks to its properties it meets all the needs of each hospital ward. The Eleganza  2 makes demanding day-to-day patient care easier, and thanks to its modern design  it shifts the perception of the care provided to a far higher level....

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Tom 2 - 4

Unobstructed access to a child patient THE UNIQUE CONCEPT | of telescopic siderails is an original way of addressing safety on the Tom 2 bed but allows the very best access to child patients. The bed’s mattress platform height can be adjusted UNIQUE TELESCOPIC to an extensive SIDERAILS height thanks to the folding mechanism of the siderails and column lifting unit. The Tom 2 bed generally eases the difculty and physical strain of nurses in performing their work, especially the most common activity – moving the patient from the bed. 3 POSITIONS OF TELESCOPIC SIDERAILS UNOBSTRUCTED ACCESS TO...

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Tom 2 - 5

MIDDLE POSITION OF SIDERAIL AUTOREGRESSION WITH ZERO GAP CONCEPT When positioning the backrest the mattress platform slides out towards the head-end, so Tom 2 is the only bed on the market where a dangerous gap does not appear between the head and backrest. COMFORTABLE SIDERAILS RELEASE 13 cm SAFE SPACE UNDER SIDE RAILS The siderails can be moved very easily, smoothly and ergonomically. Two ergonomic handles located on the top edge are used to unlock and move the siderails.

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Tom 2 - 6

Pleasant design Clean lines, modern materials and fresh colours characterise the look of the TOM 2 bed creating a pleasant and credible impression on small patients and their parents. PERFECT OVERVIEW The ends of the bed consist of large transparent panels and provide staff with an overview of the situation on the bed. The small recumbent patient has excellent contact with the surroundings. The plastic ends can be brightened up by children’s decoration in the form of a teddy-bear motif which places the look of the entire bed above the category of standard hospital beds. COLOUR VERSIONS The...

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Tom 2 - 7

Comfortable electric positioning THE POSITIONING | of the TOM 2 children’s bed is fully electric. Controls are used to adjust the bed height, tilt of the backrest and TR/ATR position. The “GO” button guarantees safety preventing any unwanted or accidental activation of the bed’s positioning because the bed cannot be positioned without its activation. EXCEPTIONAL HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT The unique range of the bed’s height adjustment extending to 25 cm (58 – 83 cm) ensures the patient’s safety on the bed and allows nursing procedures to be performed ergonomically. The child patient can exit the...

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Želevčice 5, 274 01 Slaný, Czech Republic tel.: +420 312 576 111, fax: +420 312 522 668, e-mail:, 8 Slight colour deviations are possible. Technical alterations reserved.

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