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Universal beds ? basic range - 1

Calma, Terra, Novos, Eleganza1 Universal beds – basic range

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Universal beds ? basic range - 2

LINET – top quality of all beds …guarantee of a long service life Latest production technology Based in the Czech Republic, our manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest technologies. The parts are cut out using absolutely precise laser technology and then welded by fully automated welding robots guaranteeing high rigidity and the long life of the bed. Professional assembly The basic models are assembled on state-of-the-art assembly lines. Each operation is performed by a specialist to ensure faultless assembly and function. Exacting quality control is performed automatically for...

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Universal beds ? basic range - 3

Universal bed portfolio Bed/specication Mechanical adjustment of calf section TR/ATR Back and thigh rest Mattress platform height adjustment Brake - Central control system Mattress platform Section of mattress platform Mattress platform design welded mesh (removable plastic covers of the mattress platform*) Holders for lifting and IV pools Linen shelf Cardiac chair Head and food end Powder coated HE/FE with HPL Eleganza 1 plastic removable E3 plastic removable removable without xation with xation without xation with xation Siderails Single collapsible siderail (control - down) Single...

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Universal beds ? basic range - 4

Fully electrically adjustable, the Eleganza 1 universal bed is designed for a standard hospital ward. The Eleganza 1 stands out particularly for having high added value. It represents yet another step towards making above-the standard parameters and sophisticated functions more accessible. Safe load 250 kg Plastic side rails (with controls) Ergoframe®, (10 + 6 cm) Complies with IEC 60601-2-52 90 cm-wide mattress platform [1] Simple plastic side rails swinging around the bottom edge. Protection of 70% of the mattress platform length together with the side rail height guarantee high safety of...

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Universal beds ? basic range - 5

time-proven solutions Fully electrically adjustable bed The Novos universal bed is designed for a standard hospital ward. The bed features an electrically adjustable height of the mattress platform and electric positioning of each section of the mattress platform. 4-section mattress platform Adjustment of mattress platform height up to 81 cm Length extension 10 +10 cm [1] The panel for blocking functions is situated under the foot crossbar of the bed. Using 3 mechanical revolving controls it allows blocking of the bed operation for the patient controls. PANEL FOR BLOCKING FUNCTIONS [1]...

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Universal beds ? basic range - 6

mechanical bed with TR Advantages of the bed TR/ ATR operated by a gas spring Quality components (castors and springs) Optional plastic covers of the mattress platform Terra, a mechanically adjustable bed, allows complete positioning of the bed. The integrated gas springs make positioning of the backrest and thighrest very easy and comfortable. Using a raster, the calf section can be mechanically adjusted to 5 height levels. TR/ATR and mattress height adjustment use gravitation and they are mechanically adjustable. [1] The mechanically adjustable anti-shock Trendelenburg position uses a...

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Universal beds ? basic range - 7

quality and simple design 2 or 4-section mattress platform Quality components (castors and springs) Mesh sections welded into the mattress platform A basic hospital bed with xed height of the mattress platform and with 2 to 4-section mattress platform, mechanically adjustable using a gas spring. [1] Using a raster, the calf section can be mechanically adjusted to 5 height levels. CALF SECTION ADJUSTABLE WITH A RASTER [1] HOLDER FOR TRAPEZE AND INFUSION STAND [2] [2] As a standard, all beds are equipped with holders for trapezes and infusion stands. The holders are situated at the patient‘s...

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Universal beds ? basic range - 8

Universal beds – basic range Želevčice 5, 274 01 Slaný, Czech Republic tel.: +420 312 576 111, fax: +420 312 522 668, e-mail: info@linet.com, www.linet.com 8 Calma, Terra, Novos, Eleganza 1

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