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innovative pressure Area Care HEALTHCARE Virtuoso ®

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PATIENT SURFACE The innovative double deck construction and fully integrated cell structure embodies leading pressure eliminating qualities, The Virtuoso"" therapy is based on results of extensive clinical advantages of 3 cell technology with frequent elimination of pressure thus mimicking the behaviour of a healthy body. automatically preset system that minimises the risk of carer's errors whilst facilitating a range COST EFFECTIVE Innovative approach to mattress surface servicing along with Service Data Interface Unit allow fast and cost effective

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ingenious patient surface Virtuoso® innovative modular double deck construction and fully integrated cells structure provide superior pressure relief, address the individual needs of the patients different body zones and improves patient and carer’s safety during nursing procedures. [01] skin pRoTECTion Two ways stretchable dartex cover is fully water proof and vapour permeable. The vapour permeability helps to reduce patient perspiration and reduce risk of skin maceration. opTiMuM pREssuRE REliEF Cover design combined with alternating action of the mattress further enhances pressure...

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Virtuoso Working Zones suRFACE Zoning | The Virtuoso top deck modules are designed to create specic zones addressing the needs of different parts of the patient’s body. Top MATTREss lAYER [01] [03] [02] BoTToM MATTREss lAYER [04] [01] hEAd ZonE [03] hEEl ZonE head zone is static for comfort of patient and can be modied with a head Zoner control feature providing selective setting of the cells (static/Alternating/deflated). smaller cells provide the lowest interface pressure in this highly sensitive area. [04] inTEgRATEd sidEFoRMERs [02] ToRso ZonE The active therapy is maximised by...

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Clinically proven Therapy Effectiveness of an active system is a key issue in dealing with pressure sores. Carers should be well aware of what equipment they are using and should put their patient solely on proven therapy products. [01] ZERo pREssuRE pREssuRE kosiak (1) studied the link between pressure and time and showed that even very low pressure when being unrelieved will over a long period of time lead to tissue damage. he concluded that “since it is impossible to completely eliminate all pressure for a long period of time, it becomes imperative that the pressure be completely...

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Virtuoso case study The three-cell technology of the ViRTuoso® mimics the method by which the body usually prevents pressure damage by providing frequent complete elimination of pressure. The ViRTuoso® is a 24-hour care pressure elimination system that provides accelerated healing of all grades of pressure ulcers irrespective of mobility. BRisTol RoYAl inFiRMARY, MARk gREEn B.sC. B.Ed. Rgn The critical care unit used for this evaluation is part of one of the largest trusts in the uk and is a recognised centre of excellence. The unit manages a wide range of critically ill patients with...

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Effortless delivery of Care Virtuoso active mattress replacement system offers a wide range of features and options to help meet the demanding needs of modern wound care and to accommodate any carer activity whilst staying intuitive and effortless to use. [01] CARdio pulMonAR REsusCiTATion (CpR) operated by one hand, CpR enables rapid deflation for emergency situations and is accompanied by visual and audio alarms to prevent inadvertent use. [02] CARRYing hAndlEs Two sets of strong carrying handles for easy transport of the mattress are integrated in the bottom cover and conveniently...

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Virtuoso® system Control unit hAndling And opERATing ThE sYsTEM | The Virtuoso system Control unit (sCu) is designed with ergonomics and ease of handling in mind. it is easy to carry and easy to mount on the bed. The unique air connector socket is approached easily from above reflecting the natural carer’s posture. simple to use front panel controls with their clear graphical symbols make operation easy to learn and remember. [01] [03] [02] [04] [06] [05] [01] ThERApEuTiC ModE [03] sTATiC ModE [05] “go” BuTTon once turned on, the mattress automatically switches to alternating mode and...

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Cost Effective Maintenance Virtuoso® design allows highly effective cleaning and maintenance of the equipment, helping to reduce the facility costs for product upkeep throughout its life. These features combined with the use of special optional silver covers will help you achieve world class levels of infection control in your healthcare environment. Routine MAINTENANCE [01] Service data interface unit Unit provides operation data like total hours run, fault codes with their time stamps or internal pressures through an infrared port on the side of the pump. This easy wire free access is...

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Želevčice 5, 274 01 Slaný, Czech Republic tel.: +420 312 576 111, fax: +420 312 522 668, e-mail: info @, 11/2010 9601-1020 Innovative Pressure Area Care

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