How to succeed in aesthetic layering using the right instruments


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layering using the right Composite is one of the most common materials for daily use in restorative dentistry. However, the composite layering technique in aesthetic treatment is still considered a complex and difficult method to /n the following description of a clinical case, the authors give advice on how the use of the right materials and techniques will enable high-quality results in daily work, both aesthetically and clinically. The article particularly emphasizes the importance of using the right kinds of instruments at different stages of the procedure, as the quality of the work and chair-time can be greatly affected by the correct choice of instruments. With this in mind, a set of innovative instruments for aesthetic layering, LM-Arte instruments from Style Italiano, has been developed in cooperation with the Finnish instrument manufacturer LM-lnstruments. Walter Devoto, DDS, Sestri Levante, Italy Angelo Putignano, MD, DDS, Ancona, Italiy Monaldo Saracinelli, DDS, Grosseto, Italy Gianfranco Politano, DDS, Modena, Italy Jordi Manauta, DDS, Barcelona, Spain

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Clinical case A young male patient came to the practice for aesthetic restoration of an incisor (d. 22). The tooth had been treated endodontically which had caused it to become discoloured. A decision was made to whiten the darkened tooth. The incisal edge of the tooth was chipped (picture 1). In addition, an examination revealed gingivitis and plaque throughout the dentition, due to the poor oral hygiene of the patient. Other periodontal problems were not observed. A restorative treatment was commenced after the successful whitening of the incisor. A rubber dam seal is necessary to ensure...

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LM-Arte Applies Apply elastically LM-Arte Condensa Push softly LM-Arte Fissura Sculp delicately LM-Arte Misura Measure precisely LM-Arte Eccesso Finish neatly Style Italiano is a group of Italian and Spanish dentists specialized in aesthetic dentistry. Group members give lectures around the world on aesthetic dentistry and the composite layering technique.

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