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LM Dental Tracking System™ INTELLIGENCE IN THE DENTAL CLINIC What if you could know the exact location and status of every dental instrument and material in your clinic? LM has long been the pioneer in dental instrumentation and works actively together with dental clinics to ensure its product development remains at cutting edge. This co-operation reveiled a need for new intelligence to improve material and instrument flows and patient safety in the dental clinic, and started the development of a unique tracking system: LM Dental Tracking System™ (LM DTS™). LM DTS™ is developed to tackle...

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Unique RFID intelligence An advanced RFID technology Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is widely used by major industries, for example air traffic for baggage tracking, sports for time/distance tracking and manufacturing and retail for shipments, inventory and preventing thefts. LM Dental Tracking System™ uses UHF (Ultra High Frequency) RFID technology to efficiently track, monitor and control instruments and materials. An advanced RFID chip can be integrated in LMErgoSense hand instruments, extraction instruments and LMServo E series cassettes. The RFID chip can also be...

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LM Dental Tracking System™ HOW TO BENEFIT FROM LM DTS™? Are you doing fact based decisions on budgeting and purchasing? Are your processes and material flows optimized? How are you improving the threshold for patient safety? Are you able to focus on the patient? ASSET MANAGEMENT & CLINIC MANAGEMENT PATIENT SAFETY & INFECTION CONTROL DOCUMENTATION Having the right instruments and materials in the right place at the right time is crucial at large hospitals as well as small clinics. Process optimization by having knowledge of the exact location and status of each instrument, handpiece and...

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Turning information into action Knowing is efficiency, safety and savings Automating traceability, logistics and infection control documentation allows staff to avoid time consuming manual controls and work more efficiently and focus on the patient. The different user groups, for example clinicians, students, clinic managers, operation managers and purchasers can all benefit from the data collected and analyzed by LM Dental Tracking System™. Right instruments in the right place in the right time Sterilized instruments Safe materials Focus on the patient session planning HEADS OF CLINIC...

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University of Copenhagen: From intuition to fact based analysis and improvements The School of Oral Health Care at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) has used LM DTS™ together with the RFID tagged LM-ErgoSense instruments for a couple of years already. The system has helped the clinic to make continuous improvements in the daily operations and long-term planning for increased patient safety. With the system school’s staff has greater control over the infection control status and stock levels of all instruments. “The LM DTS™ ensures that we always have full control over the hygiene status...

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Tangible benefits realized by UCPH With the new traceability system, we have the needed data to improve our daily operations, support education, improve long term planning and budgeting, and obtain big data that can be used for analysis and research purposes.” Bo Danielsen, Head of the School of Oral Health Care, University of Copenhagen SAVED PER YEAR for the sterilization of 250 000 instruments yearly by reducing the time needed for manual checking of instruments. This is equivalent of SAVED PERSON-WEEKS. About the School of Oral Health Care at the University of Copenhagen The School of...

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LM Dental Tracking System™ LM products with integrated RFID chip and other materials with RFID identification tags together with scanning readers and server software create a unique dental tracking system. The cutting edge system gives the visibility of hand instruments and materials from storage and maintenance to clinic and patient care. The scanned and documented information can be turned into efficiency, safety and savings. RFID identification tags LM DTS™ server software The LM-ErgoSense hand instruments and other dental materials with identification tags can be scanned with LM DTS™...

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LM DTS™ readers for reliable tracking LM Dental Tracking System™ RFID scanning readers give the visibility of instruments and materials from storage and maintenance through to clinic and patient care. When an instruments RFID tag is read, its status is automatically checked and user is alerted for errors, such as a use of unsterilized instruments or expired materials. With the system, a layer of automatic safety checks is added without any administrative burden on the maintenance or clinical staff. The readers are available in two different models: Tray Reader with multi-read functionality...

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LM DTS™ server software: Easy reports and statistics to support fact based decisions LM Dental Tracking System™ cloud server is a comprehensive database managing the material flows and activies for all items identified with RFID tag within dental clinics, CSSD’s and laboratories. It’s used to record, track and verify the activity cycles from storage to maintenance through clinic and patient care. The software provides easy analytical reports about the items and activity cycles registered in the system. The information in the reports can improve and ease asset management and documentation,...

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Customer specific LM DTS™ system solutions The determination of the customer specific LM Dental Tracking System™ solution starts with core need identification: What is the current situation and what are the problem(s) and target(s) at the clinic? Based on this core need identification can the solution planning process start with three basic steps: STEP 1. Find out how assets flow at the clinic STEP 2. Identify critical steps of the flow STEP 3. Decide what to track On my screen, I can see where each instrument is located and whether it is ready for clinical use or [is] contaminated and...

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