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Your skills are worth LM Whether it comes to the design or the production of the LM-Dental instruments, we focus on the specific needs of the dental experts. We are in a constant communication with the end users of our products to keep our product development on the cutting edge. We are the innovation leader that others copy. Our radical product theses of the 1980s – a thicker handle, optimized shape, elastic surface, lightness and color coding – have become industry wide standards in the 21st century. LM basics and unique features Sharpen free LM Sharp Diamond™ LM-ErgoSense® handle...

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The pioneer in INSTRUMENT ERGONOMICS Elastic, ergonimic surface material and optimal contouring How to define the ergonomics of a hand instrument? Firstly a non-slip and natural grip on an instrument - comfortable and non-slip grip are essential. Secondly a lightweight and optimized design prevent effectively occupational diseases. Thirdly a good tactile sensitivity and easy handling of the instrument guarantee the best clinical results. Reliability, wear resistance and comfort are the features that will be evident for both, the dentist - lightweight structure and the patient. These are the...

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Enjoy sharpen free prophy and perio Opposites attract. This holds true with high-quality, periodontal instruments. Optimally they are razor sharp, extremely hard, yet smooth and light. A new micro membrane coating made using modern Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology enables LM to create LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments with the optimum combination of these features. LM Sharp Diamonds™ are completely sharpen free, tough but refined, offering unique benefits for you and your patient. CHOOSE SHARP. SHARPEN FREE MICRO COATING You will enjoy full control and improved tactile sense, while...

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LM-ErgoSense® instrument handle UNIQUE COMBINATION OF SENSATIONAL ERGONOMICS AND NEW RFID TECHNOLOGY Today the focus is on ergonomics – without losing sight of efficiency. The LM-ErgoSense® hand instrument meets both of these requirements and is truly a unique combination of ergonomic design and integrated new RFID technology. It is the outcome of intense research and product development in close cooperation with dental clinicians and professionals. An ergonomic, high quality hand instrument naturally feels good in the hand. Even genuinely sensational as the smart LM-ErgoSense® has been...

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TERMS OF WARRANTY Limited Warranty The following warranty terms apply to the sale of LM-Instrument Oy’s products (hereinafter “Products”) to a purchasing company or individual by LM-Instruments Oy (hereinafter “LM”). opportunities to improve material handling and LM hereby warrants that the Products will be free from defects arising from faulty materials or workmanship for a period of twenty four (24) months from the date of purchase by a customer from LM’s authorized dealer (hereinafter “Authorized Dealer”). The warranty period is exceptionally three (3) months for products with a life...

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Handle selection Choosing the most ergonomic hand instrument can make a big difference in terms of discomforts and disorders when performing dental work. It is by no means insignificant what the diameter of the hand instrument’s handle is or what the material of the grip surface is. When holding the instruments for approximately 2,000 hours each year, the design, weight and feel of the instrument are crucial for the dental practitioner in terms of his/her performance and productivity. LM instruments are available with a selection of different handles. All exceptionally ergonomic due to the...

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Special handles Choosing the instrument with special coated tips Sharpen free LM Sharp Diamond™ instrument tips are made from exceptionally durable special metal alloy, and their wear resistance is enhanced by a protective micro membrane coating made using the most advanced PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology. LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments with LM-ErgoSense® handle combine optimal characteristics of superior sharpness, tactile sensitivity and comfort. LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments, like all LM hand instruments with LM-ErgoSense® handle, are available with integrated LM DTS™ RFID tag...

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DIAGNOSTICS Mirror handles | Explorers | Periodontal probes | Furcation probes | Diagnostics instrument set

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DIAGNOSTICS – MIRROR HANDLES MIRROR HANDLES Simple stem LM 25 mirror handle threads are in accordance with international standard M2.5. The mirror shank must have a diameter of 2.5 mm. MIRRORS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY. Mirror #4 simple stem, product no 10P12, box of 12 pcs. Cone socket LM 28 mirror handle threads are in accordance with international standard UNF4-48. The mirror shank must have a diameter of 2.6 mm. Unique intelligence with LM DTS™ RFID tag inside To order add letter T to LM-ErgoSense® product code. E.g. LM 301-302 ES EST LM-ErgoSingle™ Mirror Handle - Well balanced, better...

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Mirror Handle 28 - Cone socket design, UNF4-48 threads, single-ended - Color options: red, grey and blue Mirror Handle, ortho - Orthodontic mirror handle with Bausch-Verbiest design - For measuring the sagittal overjet and vertical overbite - Millimeter scale, total length 25 mm Handle options: cam® LMhgoS.-.nse® • LM 28 ES REDT LM 28 ES GREYT LM 28 ES BLUET LMhg ■Nomi™

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DIAGNOSTICS – EXPLORERS EXPLORERS For diagnosing calculus and caries and exploring of pockets, restorations and furcations. - Standard explorer for diagnostic and operative procedures - For distal surfaces (17) - Elongated lower shank and “back-action” blade (17) - For areas in the vicinity of proximal contact surfaces (17) - Also for probing occlusal surface grooves (23) - For detecting subgingival calculus (23) - Standard explorer for diagnostic and operative procedures Especially for probing distal surfaces of posterior teeth. Especially for probing distal surfaces. For subgingival root...

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