The many possible applications of air polishers in dentistry


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The many possible applications of air polishers in dentistry - 1

longsiae with ultrasonic equipment and hand instruments, air polishers have long been used in periodontology. The air polisher was introduced in periodontology in the late 70s as a quick and easy remover of discolorations and plaque (1). Today, the use of air polishers has increased both in periodontology and other Initially, the cleaning powder used was a powder containing aluminum oxide particles. Since the 1980s, sodium bicarbonate particles have been in use for periodontal prophylactic treatment. Later, in 2003, glycine particles were Roosa Prinssi, Product Manager, introduced. Today, many of the small particles in the cleaning powder are effective and less harmful for soft and hard tissues, and they are relatively easy to use. Air polishing is also a patient-friendly method. The function of an air polisher is based on the cooperation of the powder particles, water pressure and air pressure used in it. Its efficiency depends on many things, such as the water/ air pressure, the amount of powder in relation to the amount of water, as well as the size, shape and hardness of the powder particles. The abrasive impact of the air polisher depends on the working distance and the powder jet direction.

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The many possible applications of air polishers in dentistry - 2

The air polisher is suitable for the removal and dissolution of biofilms. It is also used to clean discolorations. Air polishing is a safe and effective form of treatment. The right way of working and the right choice of cleaning powder will ensure safety. The air polisher is worked with a back and forth sweeping motion and is directed away from the soft tissues. The air polisher is also a time-saving way of working. It is well suited for use in oral health care, periodontics treatment and maintenance therapy. The air polisher is suited for subgingival treatment, if the cleaning powder used...

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