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Dental Instruments Catalog

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Lorien is a leading manufacturer and reliable source of excellent quality dental instruments due to continuous policy of innovation and further development in the field. Our products are better designed, more comfortable and long-lasting. Our products & services are exceptional and we are always endeavouring to improve these in close consultation with industry key opinion leaders, specialists and private practitioners. We please to present the new edition of Dental catalogue to our esteemed customers which includes following...

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Processing instruction for surgical instruments All instruments newly delivered must be removed from their packaging before they are inserted into the preparation process and the stock. All protected objects, such as caps, foils, etc. must be removed. Before first use, the instruments must go through the entire treatment cycle.The reprocessing of medical devices must always conform to the 'Recommendation of the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention (KRINKO)" at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the judgement of "Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical...

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Diagnoses Mirrors Explorers Probes Dressing Pliers Syringes

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Mirror Handles & Moufh Mirrors ExplorersMirror Handles & Moulh Mirrors 15-61-001 Solid

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Explorers Perio Probes pace

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SprsadErs DiagnosHcs Kite DIAGNOSTICS PAGG

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Cotton and Dressing Pliers Tungsten Carbide PAGE

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Denial Syringes DIAGNOSTICS

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PeriocJontology Curettes Scalers Chisels Rles

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15-77-010 Ochsenbein #4 Mirror image lips with 3.5mm blades. Allow excellent access to distal surfaces.

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Chisels, Files Diamond File #3 2mm wide & 0.5mm Thick Tear Drop" Shape Blades, For mesial and distal areas.

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Surgery Scalpel Handles & Blades Micro Surgery Instruments Scissors Needle Holders Tissue Pliers Haemostatic Forceps Retractors Periodontal Instruments Mallets Bone Curettes, Files Bone Rongeurs Bone Aspirators, Carriers

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Surgery -Mv-Loripn ''taain Scalpel Handles & Blades Micro Scalpel Handel Micro Scalpel Blades (Pack of 10 Pieces) Standard Scalpel Blades (Pack of 100 Pieces)

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Micro Needle Holders 20-101-039 straight 14cm 20-101-040 curved 14cm 20-101-015 straight 17cm 20-101-016 curved 17cm Micro Scissors 20-101-041 straight 14cm 20-101-042 curved 14cm 20-101-013 straight 17cm 20-101-014 curved 17cm Micro Tissue Forceps 20-101-037 straight 14cm 20-101-038 curved 14cm 20-101-017 straight 17cm 20-101-018 curved 17cm Micro Needle Holders 20-101-101 Straight 17cm 20-101-102 Curved 17cm Micro Scissors 20-101-103 Straight 17cm 20-101-104 Curved 17cm Micro Tissue Forceps 20-101-105 Straight 17cm 20-101-106 Curved 17cm Surgery Micro Needle Holders 20-101-033 Straight...

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Micro Instruments De Bakey Forceps 20*101-071 Curved 17cm 20-101-072 Straight 17cm Implant Holding Tweezer 20-101-053 16cm Surgery 21-103-030 Micro Adson (Delicate Serrated, 12cm) 21-103-031 Micro Adson (Delicate 1x2 Teeth, 12cm) 21-103-035 Micro Sdssor (Straight 8 mm Loog Blades, 10cm) 21-103-036 Micro Scissor (Curved, 12mm Long Blades, 10cm)

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Micro Forceps Micro Forcep Micro Forcep Micro Forcep Micro Forcep (1.3mm) Tissue Grasping Forcep (1.3mm) Tissue Grasping Forcep

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Noyes [Round Handle)

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Surgery La Grange Scissor 20-101-107 11.5cm

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Surgical Scissors Surgery PAGE

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Surgical Scissors Needle Holders

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Caslroveijo 03-09-001 Straight 14cm 03-09-002 Straight 17cm 03-09-003 Curved 14cm 03-09-004 Curved 17cm Castroveijo (With Lock) 03-09-005 Straight 14cm 03-09-006 Straight 18cm 03-09-007 Curved 14cm 03-09-008 Curved 18cm Surgery Castroveijo (With Lock) 03-09-026 Straight 14cm 03-09-027 Straight 18cm 03-09-028 Curved 14cm 03-09-029 Curved 18cm Castroveijo (Angled) 03-09-013 Straight 14cm 03-09-014 Straight 18cm Castroveijo (With Scissor) 03-09-009 Straight 14cm 03-09-010 Straight 18cm 03-09-011 Curved 14cm 03-09-012 Curved 18cm Barraquer 03-09-015 Straight 13cm 03-09-016 Curved 13cm 03-09-017...

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Surgery Potts-Smith

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Tissue Pliers De Bakey    Me Indos

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Haemostatic Forceps Backhaus    Hartmann (Baby Mosquito) Halstead Mosquito 05-25-010 Straight 13cm 05-25-011 Curved 13cm Surgery Halstead Mosquito (1x2) 05-25-012 Straight 13cm 05-25-013 Curved 13cm Bulldog Clamp Serrated Jaws 05-25-024 Straight 3.5cm 05-25-025 Curved 3.5cm 05-25-026 Straight 5cm 05-25-027 Curved 5cm Allis Tissue Forcep 05-25-016 15cm

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www.lorieninsfrumenfs.cDm PAce

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Refractors, Tongue Depressor & Moufh Dags

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Periodontal Instruments

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Malleus Periosteal Elevators

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Bone Files Bone Curettes Bone Curettes

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Surgery Bone Rongeurs & Holding Forceps Bone Aspirators & Carriers

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Implant Periosteal Elevators Sinus Lift Elevators Bone Grafting Instruments Bone Crushers & Wells Osteotomes Bone Splitting Chisels Ratchets & Drivers Tfephines, Punches, Drills & Expanders

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Periosteal Elevators ^FFFFFH==1TO^^— 23-106-002 Molt A Narrow Working End & The Broad One To Reduce The Pressure Points On The Lip & Cheek 23-106-006 Pall/ Molt (8/11.5mm) Wider Working End With Hole For Gentle Detachment

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Periosteal Elevators Sinus-Lift Elevators

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Sinus-Lifl* Elevators

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Sinus-Liff Elevators -Mv-Loripn 23-106-011 Sinus 1 23-106-012 Sinus 2 IMPLANTS 1 x Sinus 1 1 x Sinus 2 1 x Sinus 3 1 x Sinus 4 1 x Sinus 5 1 x Sinus 6 1 x Sinus 7

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Bone Grafting Instruments 23-106-027 Pali (10.516mm) for Safe Transfer of Bone Grafting Material 23-106-031 Orban (Ginigvectomy Knife)

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Bone Grafting Instruments

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Bone Crushers & Wells IMPLANTS PACE

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Osteotomes Sets IMPLANTS Adjustable Osteotomes Round 22-107-085 Osteotome Kit Set of 10 Pieces

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