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Since its creation, LPG® has had the same ambition: HELPING PEOPLE LIVE BETTER AND LONGER! To take up this challenge, LPG® has put research and innovation at the heart of its activity to offer high performance patented technologies to medical and sports professionals around the world. people daily benefit from LPG technologies worldwide 110 countries Efficiency proven by more than 145 scientific studies professionals equipped around the world With 33 years of expertise, LPG® continues to innovate and launches: Specialised in osteo-articular and muscle rehabilitation, HUBER 360® EVOLUTION...

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Quicker and more efficient rehabilitation* thanks to the standing position that engages the entire joint and muscular chains (not in an isolated manner). Greater patient implication thanks to a fun and interactive interface and progression tracking. ACTIVE LIFE Early stage mobilisation of the injured area thanks to targeted, progressive and safe work. Precise assessment of the patient’s health condition at both the beginning and the end of the programme thanks to the integrated functional assessment (precise data). FUNCTIONAL ASSESSMENT BASED ON 7 REFERENCE TESTS (15 min): stability,...

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BOOSTING PERFORMANCE Full training for optimal efficiency core training, muscular reinforcement, flexibility, coordination, posture, stamina. Cognitive abilities stimulation to reinforce concentration and increase mental fatigue resistance (on-screen feedback). Dynamic and targeted exercises reproducing real life conditions to improve locomotion and gesture efficiency. Measurable results to evaluate performance during all sessions. True physical and mental coach, HUBER 360® EVOLUTION supports athletes of all levels. Thanks to protocols dedicated to each discipline, HUBER 360® EVOLUTION...

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FIIT YOUR BODY IN 10 Immediate perception. Complete and targeted programmes (upper body, lower body, core training, cardio) depending on each user’s goals. Customised exercises for all levels (beginner, intermediate, expert). Quick assessment (5 min.) integrated to the interface: balance, strength, coordination, core training, cardio. No-risk, fun and motivating training for more pleasure and results. DID YOU KNOW*? 1 out of 2 people lacks motivation 1 out of 2 people does not have enough time 1 out 3 people does not like to train alone HUBER 360® EVOLUTION IS THE TOOL TO INCREASE YOUR...

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HUBER 360 EVOLUTION APPLICATION ON TABLET: ® YOUR SOLUTION • Integrated functional assessment • Free menu and customised programmes’ creation • Progression tracking • Remote patient exercise monitoring • Possible to send assessment to patients and prescribers 1 / Connected technology (instant updates) 2 / Fun, intuitive touchscreen interface 3 / Integrated force sensors (handles and platform) 4 / Motorised platform for 360° work and trajectories specific to each therapeutic application • Easy and intuitive handling. • High precision treatment for quick 5 / Dynamic Posture Corrector adaptto...

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LPG® SUPPORTS YOU TRAINING Widen your expertise thanks to different levels and specialisations (expert, orthopedics, post breast cancer rehabilitation…) Benefit from LPG’s brand awareness (media coverage, marketing supports and waiting room tools...) RESCULPT YOUR FIGURE IN 10 MINUTES WEB Increase your visibility thanks to our store locator referencing 1952- EN - Ed -05/19 - © LPG Systems 2019 - Any reproduction – even in part – is strictly prohibited. Non-binding photos. Right of exploitation until 30/10/2023. SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS MARKETING & COMMUNICATION...

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